What is "Earth-7150?"

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What is "Earth-7150?"
It is an unofficial alternate universe of Marvel's Earth-616 created by us with its own designation. It covers our Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game where characters from numerous franchises can appear. We also use this universe to pretend or flat-out ignore some of Marvel's most questionable retcons, as though they never happened. Mostly the ideas of myself and Ceamonks, the majority of our members agree with this.

Yep, that's pretty much it.

So, let's look at what's in our universe...

:spiderman: Spider-Man & Mary Jane are still married. The events of "One More Day" never happened. Many of us feel that Mephisto is not a Spider-Man villain and shouldn't be involved in his stories. That, and the idea that Peter was forced to make a deal and give up his marriage to MJ is just foolish. We'd rather have Peter and MJ grow together and help each other, good times and bad. Spider-Man's taken a lot of losses in his life -- he deserves a win.

:venom: While Knull is the Symbiote God and creator of the symbiotes, the white spider symbol that first appeared on Julia Carpenter (Spider-Woman II/Arachne) did not come from symbiote dragons. It was simply a cool design that Spider-Man liked during the Secret Wars, and adopted it when the black symbiote bonded with him. We felt it was stupid for the symbol to be connected to symbiote dragons, when there's no explanation as to how Julia had that symbol, as there was no symbiote bonded to her.

Nightwatch was not secretly a villain named "Nighteater" the whole time, who was apprehended by She-Hulk. Actually, the real Nightwatch (who aided Spider-Man in the "Maximum Carnage" story and had adventures of his own) was framed by an alternate version of himself named Nighteater. For more on this in particular, see my fanfiction story that fixes up the ridiculous retcons:  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13555337/1/Nightwatch-The-Revelation OR https://archiveofourown.org/works/23712409

:xmen_logo: The X-Men do not live on the living island of Krakoa, and get regrown as plant clones if they die. Never happened. They still reside at or visit the Xavier Institute for the Gifted. We are not fans of the Krakoa storyline mainly because it cheapens death and goes too far away from what made the X-Men and their splinter teams so popular in the first place. We don't mind change... if it makes sense. This one doesn't.

:scarletw: Scarlet Witch and :quicks: Quicksilver are still mutants and are still Magneto's children. We know the only reason they retconned it and said they weren't was because at the time, FOX owned the X-Men rights but not the rights to these characters, and they couldn't even be referred to as mutants. But, that's over now. Marvel/Disney owns the film rights to the X-Men, and as such, there is no reason to continue that charade. Pietro has been with X-Factor (one of the X-Men splinter teams), and Wanda -- even though an Avenger, is also X-Men adjacent. Welcome back, mutants.

:capamer: Captain America never said "Hail HYDRA!" The writer came up with something that angered so many, including us. Later, they tried to save face and said that was actually some an alternate reality version of Cap who became known as the HYDRA Supreme that the real Cap eventually defeated. Fine. In our universe, Cap is still the quintessential hero who at heart is "just a kid from Brooklyn." No recent story will change that.

:thor: The hammer of Thor named Mjolnir did not somehow become sentient after Jane Foster became the female Thor. Odin alone decides who is worthy to wield it. Also, nothing that Nick Fury tells Thor will ever suddenly make him and other gods unworthy. That was a dumb explanation, so we're denouncing that.

Various organizations like the Fantastic Four and SHIELD have access to portal gateways, allowing Marvel characters from another time, planet, or alternate dimension to appear in this universe. The same is true for non-Marvel characters -- whether willingly or reluctantly. Madame Web or the Exiles can allow characters from alternate realities to appear as well.

The Shroud did not retire from superhero work for reasons of insanity. Instead, he got the professional help he desperately needed upon realizing how much his crusade as a vigilante was taking its toll on him. He went to Doc Samson for psychiatric help and ultimately found a new purpose in life. He only comes out of retirement to become The Shroud again for his now wife, Julia Carpenter's, sake.

All of Ceamonks' mods particularly come with a brief story as to how they are playable in this reality. An example of this is that the Lilandra that's been captured by the Shi'ar (in the game) is not the real one, as she escaped and reached Earth to seek the X-Men's aid. The captured "Lilandra" is actually one of Deathbird's loyal servants disguised as her, in a clever ploy to trick the heroes into saving her and risk getting themselves killed and allowing Deathbird more time to escape. Visit the release posts of his mods to read their particular cases.

(I will add more soon as they come.)

This is really great! I 100% agree with everything here!

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To further expand on the differences Earth-7150 brings to established characters from across many IPs:

-Emil Blonsky never returned to out-of-character villainy after Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 (1968) issue #384 and engage in increasingly barbaric and irredeemable acts to ruin the Hulk's life out of pure spite, instead choosing to accept his new life as the permanently changed Abomination and put his personal vendetta against the Hulk to rest for good (as he became a protector for the sewer dwellers that lived underneath New York). Only becomes involved with the alliance, due to curiosity at Ultron's sentry ships being on nearby rooftops and arriving on the Helicarrier as a stowaway onboard one of the invading enemy ships. 

-The original Maestro from Hulk: Future Imperfect returned to life on Earth-7150 some time after being defeated by his heroic younger Hulk counterpart in Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 (1968) issue #461, not permanently staying dead as in the main Marvel comics timeline. Due to being a gamma being, the Maestro has realized he's now immortal and doesn't stay dead for long (despite his recovery time from death being much slower than the Devil Hulk's, in accordance with his extreme old age). Hopes to take down the Masters of Evil under the guise of good intentions, in order to rule this new world for himself.

-All the other comic Hulk personas of Bruce Banner's are able to exist simultaneously due to being pulled from across time and space. Joe Fixit & Devil Hulk are pulled from the past and future of Earth-7150 respectively, while Merged Hulk & Green Scar originate from realities where specific events in Peter David and Greg Pak's related comic runs never occurred and they were able to lead more happy lives until being brought on-board the alliance.

-The playable Watcher Uatu is not the same one who intervenes in the story to save the alliance from being erased by Doctor Doom on Asgard, instead being pulled from an alternate reality where the council of Watchers were more lenient on what events this specific version of Uatu could get involved in.

-Byrrah is playable from a narrative sense after the events of Atlantis, putting his personal vendetta towards Namor and the alliance of heroes aside for the sake of getting back at Doctor Doom for cheating him of riches beyond his wildest dreams.

-Theodore Winchester's Grizzly was pulled from the past of an alternate timeline by the Exiles, preventing his death at Domino's hands. Thanks to the work of telepathic Exile members, they were able to largely fix the damage Cable's evil son, Genesis, had done to Grizzly's mind and allow him the opportunity to start fresh on Earth-7150.

-Moira MacTaggert was never secretly a mutant who had witnessed the inevitable failure of Charles Xavier, Magneto & Apocalypse's dreams for mutantkind. She's just an incredibly talented human geneticist who still firmly believes in Charles Xavier's dream of a peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants alike.

-The version of Mikhail Rasputin that's playable, originates originally from the Age of Apocalypse timeline. During his time in a pocket dimension after the AOA timeline was seemingly undone with Bishop going back in time to prevent Charles Xavier's death, he managed to encounter his primary Earth-616 counterpart who possessed reality altering abilities that proved too much for him to continually bear and had closed himself off from the primary Marvel universe, for the sake of his younger siblings Colossus & Magik. Playing it smart, AOA Mikhail would trick 616 Mikhail into transferring his power to him and free 616 Mikhail of his burden by effectively killing him, arriving on Earth-7150 by generating an escape portal out of the pocket dimension as he gleefully tests out his new powers that served to compliment his natural superhuman strength, speed, regeneration & teleportation abilities quite nicely.

-Thomas Moreau's Zealot did not die at Magneto's hands during the events of the three part mini-series Magneto Rex, instead managing to teleport out of the makeshift prison Magneto forced him into in the nick of time via a hidden device on his person, seemingly perishing to everyone else in the depths of outer space. Going into hiding within one of his underground hideouts on Genosha for several years to plot his retaliation against Magneto, he would attempt to contact Doctor Doom via telecommunications and join his 'Masters of Evil' group that he'd heard about via the local grapevine. Rejected in laughter by Doom himself, he sets out to take Doom and his forces down for daring to humiliate him in front of his loyal subjects.

-The version of Destiny that is playable among the mutant forces, is a perfect genetic clone of the original Irene Adler, created by Mr. Sinister for his own ends (the original Destiny having died long before during the 'Fall of the Mutants' storyline). Is ultimately saved by Mystique and the Brotherhood, brought back to Genosha for her own safety after utilizing a new astral projection ability to let Mystique know she was seemingly alive again.

-The playable Senator Kelly is from an alternate reality based off the original 20th Century Fox X-Men movies, having lived via a stabilizing genetic sample applied to him by his world's version of Moira MacTaggert that allowed his body to more easily accept the unnatural mutation forced on him by Magneto. Joins the alliance of Earth-7150 through the Exiles bringing him to this timeline for the sake of the multiverse's survival at large.

-Ka-Zar's arch enemy, Garokk, is more of an anti-hero on Earth-7150 (looking out more for the interests of his people and followers within the Savage Land, rather than settling on pure villainy).

-The version of Superior Spider-Man that is playable, originates from an alternate reality where he completely rejected Mephisto's offer to become Doctor Octopus again in the 2019 Superior Spider-Man comic series and retroactively undo all the good actions he'd accomplished in California, his stubbornness and newfound appreciation for helping people making him hold his ground and put a stop to an alternate spider-powered Norman Osborn from destroying his life, this version of Otto Octavius still being active as the Superior Spider-Man.

More to come...

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This post elaborates and expands upon my character mods' backstories, showing how they and their universes differ from their official counterparts.

-Kung Fu Man is the original variant of himself that's bundled with every M.U.G.E.N download... or so he claims. His story continues the official, intentionally unfinished story he was given by Elecbyte, in which he winds up in a vast multiversal adventure as he continues searching for his girlfriend, making several allies along the way. It is stated that he's already met and befriended the heroes of Earth-7150 prior to the events of MUA, and is most likely friendly with the time-traveling mutants known as the Exiles as well. All 3 of his alternate costumes are separate characters; Kung Fu Fan is a clone of Akuma from the "Anti-Gouki Project", who had been given Kung Fu Man's moveset; Evil Kung Fu Man is a robotic copy created by Kung Fu Man's enemy Suave Dude; Kung Fu Girl is a devoted student of Kung Fu Man, although some combatants get... distracted by her at times.

-Frankie comes from a universe that combines the events of many JumpStart games from 1994-2003 into one cohesive timeline. His days as a circus performer (brought up in Reading for First Graders) is said to have happened first, then the events of Math for First Graders occur sometime after that, while also adding on that Frankie would indeed continue to visit his new backyard bug friends, and maintain a good relationship with them (it is unknown when he went back to the circus to stop Mel, but it is most likely sometime before he started his volunteer work). His role as your guide in the original First Grade game from 1995 (and later the 1999 remake) is said to be part of a long string of work where he became a school volunteer, which later led him to participating in other unspecified special events (which is basically meant to represent all of his other appearances over the years, as he became more of a mascot for the entire JumpStart series in general, rather than just the mascot for 1st Grade). The events of the JumpStart Advanced games happen last in his story, as he befriends the series' other early elementary mascots, and becomes the commander of Advanced 2nd Grade's JumpStart Intelligence Agency. Additionally, it's stated that the character Hopsalot from earlier titles in the series is the father of the Hopsalot that appears in the Advanced games (now given the name Hopsalot Jr.). Although the later "World" games are not implied to have happened, Frankie still has a costume meant to represent his incarnation from those games, with one of his passives making reference to his role as Camp JumpStart's head counselor.

-Mrs. Brisby is the version of the character from the 1982 Don Bluth movie, rather than the original book it was adapted from (though you could probably already tell, given that her name is "Brisby" and not "Frisby", but she does have a costume meant to represent this version). The events of her story take place relatively shortly after the events of the movie, after her hands heal from the burn wounds of course. She's particularly friendly with Ant-Man, as he gave her the Pym Particles that allow her to grow to the size of a human, and can relate to his desire to fight for his family, no matter the odds. Although not stated in the character story, the events of the direct-to-video sequel don't happen in the universe my mod comes from (though she still has a costume representing her appearance in it); instead, when Timmy comes of age, events closer to the actual book sequel, "Racso and the Rats of NIMH", happen instead (as well as "R-T, Margaret, and the Rats of NIMH" later on).

More to come as I make more characters.

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Upon seeing the MUA cutscenes for the first time in a very long time, I was inspired to write a little something -- a "What If...?" of sorts. What if there were cutscenes for the EXG stages? Who would speak? Where would they speak? What would they say? So, I'll use this post to write these little dialogues. Hope you guys enjoy them.

Location: Sanctum Santorum
Cast: :nfury: :captainamerica2: :spiderman: :thor: :wolverine: :storm: :elektra:

Nick Fury: "Team, as we've just heard, the Ancient One gave us a vision that the streets of New York City are being attacked."
Spider-Man: "Ah, it'll be nice to be back on familiar turf, web-swinging the streets, fighting bad guys, risking my life, and still being called a 'menace' by the press. I miss it."
Wolverine: "I usually don't mind getting into a scrap, but we better do this fast. We should be going to Latveria to find out what happened to Jeannie and the elf."
Storm: "I agree, Logan, but there are eight million people living in New York. We can't just leave the police and civilians to fend for themselves against the riots."
Elektra: "I recognize the red ninjas seen in the vision. They are an ancient Japanese sect of ninja called the Hand. I know them all too well..."
Wolverine: "Same here, darlin.' In fact, many years ago, Cap and I teamed together to take those psychos down."
Captain America: "I remember that. They were formidable back then, and they're likely just as formidable now. Whatever they are up to, it can't be good."
Thor: "Aye. There also appeared to be some armored gunmen in the vision. Who might those be?"
Spider-Man: "Yeah, those are mercenaries working for the Kingpin. I've tangled with them so much, some of my pictures for the Daily Bugle have their mugs in them, ruining the shots. Anybody know a good photo editor?"
Nick Fury: "If the Kingpin is involved, then this is far more dangerous than expected. Numerous lives are on the line, so time is of the essence, team. Get moving."

Location: Attilan
Cast: :nfury: :captainamerica2: :spiderman: :thor: :wolverine: :storm: :elektra:

Nick Fury: "Professor Xavier has informed us that the mysterious portal Black Widow was investigating is an Astral Gate. It will take you into the Astral Plane."
Storm: "I... I don't like this, Colonel. Visiting the realm of the Shadow King is not to be taken lightly. Why are we even going there?"
Nick Fury: "Xavier told me that the Shadow King holds special relics called the Orbs of Darkness. They will augment our special gifts, and we need everything we can to eventually stop Dr. Doom."
Spider-Man: "I don't know, Fury... Shadow King? Orbs of Darkness? All of this sounds like a horror movie, and we're the stupid ones in the movie who investigate and wind up dead."
Wolverine: "We've dealt with the Shadow King before, web-head. And if his relics give us an edge against Doom, I say we take it."
Captain America: "Is Uatu aware of this? He advised to go to the Skrull Homeworld to locate the Muonic Inducer."
Nick Fury: "He is aware and approves of it. He tells us Galactus hasn't started attacking the Skrull planet yet, so saving Lilandra actually bought you some time."
Captain America: "Is there anything else we should know about the Astral Plane?"
Storm: "Normally, only psychics and magic users can appear there, but that Astral Gate can allow non-psychics to enter. It is a realm filled with nightmarish monsters and ghostly creatures -- not unlike Mephisto's Realm from earlier. Also, we must not allow the Shadow King to escape that realm."
Thor: "Then, let us battle onward against this shadow fiend and vanquish our foes along the realm."
Nick Fury: "Good. Retrieve the Orbs without letting the Shadow King escape, and return back here pronto. Good luck."

Will add more over time.