Difficulty increase mods.

Started by Nightcrawler171711, October 31, 2022, 09:38PM

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October 31, 2022, 09:38PM Last Edit: December 10, 2023, 08:19PM by Nightcrawler171711
This section will be seperate from my mod section as it will be exclusively for anything related to making the game harder or changes to gameplay. All mods here work with the ocp 2.4.

Important Note
(Mod will be receiving an update so i took down the old downloads that way no one installs it and gets the error. Ive received a report of someone hitting boss limits.)

'Updated V2'- Blaw's Realism mod (compatibilty update and dmg boost). Ive recreated blaws original realism mod to be compatible with the ocp 2.4 as i thought it was a great idea and should be preserved.

It includes his original additions.
Bosses can be grabbed/stunned/popup vulnerability/trip vulnerability excluding big bosses.
Bosses have a 200% increase to health.

Ive also given every boss a slight increase in damage.

Update V2 notes:
-Fixed some issues with psp sim bosses
-Fixed other problems
-Made bosses harder

Credits Blaw for the original concept

Download it here

Revamp= better npcstat + better bosses + better equipment (adjusted for ocp)

-Much Better items
-boss entities altered (dark cyclops was excluded due to clashing with ocp cyclops)
-Restored gear for krang and doom (warning: replaces maps doom5.engb and atlantis2.engb if you installed a mod for maps check to see if it clashes)
-Better bosses
-Realism npcstat with a twist: bossess have resistances and harder nonboss enemies
-Bonus- regular sized bosses have a new talent i created that makes it so that they cant be stunned, popped up, grabbed, picked up(like telekinesis), or frozen. They can however be tripped, knocked back, slowed, and be held be certain powers like lunges. This makes it so that you have to fight the boss and cant throw them into the abyss or anything of the sort.

Credits lucasfernandesbr for original concept

Download it here:

XML air attacks updated

Adds ocp2.4 compatibility

Credits Uvalley for original concept

Download it here:

------------->Improved Gameplay Mod<---------------

Features all of these mods ive recreated or altered in one pack
Xml air attacks
Realism mod

The regular realism npcstat will be optional for people who dont want the revamp version
Npc jean booster was added (excludes white kings additional conversation)

Credits Whiteking, uValley, LucasFernandesBr, and Blaw

Download it here

More info on the npc jean booster here:

Will this work EXG? Also can you make the revamp available again,? I love blaws realism mod but it makes certain bosses way too easy if they are by themselves.

Yes it will work with the exg. I to it down due to game limits being hit. It needs adjustments to cause no issues in game