X2 Wolverine's Revenge Assets

Started by Enigma, November 18, 2021, 04:16PM

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X2 Wolverine's Revenge Assets


Feel free to use for whatever you want. Just credit me.

Included all the non-cutscene audio and music files from the PS2 version of X2: Wolverine's Revenge.

These are the following are all the character announcer callouts by Patrick Stewart, including many I edited out of the voiced codexes and there are alternate takes of many of these as well:
Captain America
Carol Hines
Department H and the Weapon X Facility
Doctor Cornelius
Lady Deathstrike
May Deuce
Mister Sinister
Omega Red
The Incredible Hulk
The Mutant Hunters Headed by May Deuce
The Professor
The Unstoppable Juggernaut
The Unstoppable Colossus (I edited these together fromn 2 other clips)
The Void
Weapon X

Also included are all the concept art and loading screens from the PS2 version.
Some of these I've fixed and saved as pngs but I only fixed the ones where I knew they were stretched (like how XML1, XML2, and MUA1 stretches the loading screens, comic covers, and concept art) and knew what width to unstretch them to.

Also included are .all files (the character models), .mdl files (the object models), and .ico files (some icons presumably) from the PS2 version.

Also included is Haydn Dalton's portfolio, which includes some development materials, concept art, and texture maps.

Also, the PC version's files are much harder to get at and the PS2's were much easier to. Included are the few artwork and textures from the PC version that aren't in the PS2 version.

Any character audio not included are because they are in the cutscenes and are not separate audio files. Since the cutscenes are such large file sizes, if you want to take audio from those, track down the PC version of this game. The cutscenes are in .bik format in that and will play in vlc. The audio in the cutscenes has music and sound effects playing alongside the voices, though, so keep that in mind.

Voice Actors:
Here are the voice actors of the lines included (that can be identified anyway.):
Mark Hamill (Wolverine, Omega Red)
Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier)
Fred Tatasciore (Sabretooth/Juggernaut/Magneto)
Gwendoline Yeo (Lady Deathstrike)
Mayim Bialik (May Deuce)
Christopher Corey Smith (Soldiers)
Ted Nordblum (Soldiers)

Updated to v2.0:

Replaced the music with converted music from the PC version, which fixed the music issues and shrunk the size of the music files a little bit.
(Thanks to Ceamonks890 for letting me know of the problem with the music!)
There's now a folder of in-game cutscene audio, including some files formerly in the music folder.
There is now a folder of audio converted from the movie files.