X-Men Next Dimension Audio

Started by Enigma, November 22, 2021, 11:07PM

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X-Men New Dimension PS2 Audio


These are the sound files from the PS2 version of X-Men New Dimension.
It was quite hard to get these extracted and it took multiple different programs and methods, and I think I got all the sound ripped, but there so much here that was so hard to sort that I can't know for sure.
As for sorting the sounds, I did the best I could but I couldn't sort them all, as the sounds were unsorted and had no clear file names.
There aren't really enough here for any voicepacks, but there are tons of great power sound effects.

The most important thing here are the Patrick Stewart announcer callouts and codexes, including many alternate ones, such as Havok and Forge and many others, and 3 new ones: Holocaust, Marvel Girl, and the DC characters Katana and Fire. I also edited clips of Xavier saying "Power" and "Man" into an announcer callout for "Power Man."

As with the X2 Wolverine's Revenge assets I released, some additional announcer clips were edited out of the codexes by me.
Unfortunately, Bastion didn't have one. So I took a clip of Patrick Stewart saying Bastion from the game's cutscenes and a few of him saying Sentinel as well. Not all of the instances of him saying them, but a few.

The "Random Words" folder is words I took from the codexes that might prove useful in making announcer clips in the future if other matching clips are found, such as "Man," "Woman," "Samurai," and "Shadow."

There are alternate announcer callouts, including some I edited out of voiced codexes.
I also edited off the "t's" off of Holocaust and edited the "t" at the end of Juggernaut, to rather seemless results, I'm proud to say.

Please feel free to use these for whatever, just please credit me, as this was hard and took quite a while to get done.
I'm sorry that this isn't up to my usual standard, but those whole endeavour was a nightmare and it's a miracle could get this much done.