Spider-Man Friend or Foe PC and PSP Sound Assets

Started by Enigma, November 20, 2021, 10:10PM

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Spider-Man Friend or Foe PC Sound Assets
By Enigma


(Please credit me if you use these)

Unlike other release of this game's files, this contains all the sound files from the PC version of Spider-Man Friend or Foe, including voiceover lines, grunts, power sounds, music, and ambience.
Unfortunately, I was unable to extract the exclusive audio from the PSP version.

Blade is voiced by the same actor as in MUA1.
Spider-Man is voiced by the same actor as in Spider-Man Battle for New York DS.
New Goblin is voiced by the same actor as in the Spider-Man 1 Sam Raimi Movie Game

There are announcer callouts by the Female Computer for all of the playable characters as well as 2 different ones for Black Suit Spider-Man.

The Female Computer voice has loudspeaker announcements where she say some of the names of some generic SHIELD agents.

Voice Actor Credits:
James Arnold Taylor (Spider-Man) - Same as Spider-Man Battle for New York DS
Marc Graue (Nick Fury)
Kat Cressida (The Computer)
Chris Gardner (Prowler)
Audrey Wasilewski (Black Cat)
Joe Alaskey (Doc Ock)
Roger Labon Jackson (Green Goblin & Lizard)
Fred Tatasciore (Sandman & Scorpion)
John Rubinow (Iron Fist)
John DiMaggio (Rhino)
Khary Payton (Blade) - Same as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1
Quinton Flynn (Venom)
Robin Atkin Downes (Mysterio)
Josh Keaton (New Goblin) - Same as Spider-Man 1 Sam Raimi Movie Game

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Spider-Man Friend or Foe PSP Assets v1.0


Included in this release are all the extracted .sbk files, labeled by what I extracted them from.

Some of the "Level Sound Effects and Grunts," as well as some in the "GLOBAL" folder, have character power sound and grunts in them. I have noted which folders have which characters' sounds in the cases where I was sure which they were. There are more character sounds in the "Level Sound Effects and Grunts" folders, but it was too hard to tell which were which.
I've sorted everything as best I could, but it was pretty tough to tell what was what.

Also included are the music files. All the music appears to be completely different from the PC version, and, in my opinion, much better.

Also included are the XMB music and a PSP save icon.

Also included are the 6 PSP-exclusive cutscenes. The PSP version's cutscenes are slideshows instead of full cutscenes like the console and PC versions.

The PSP version of Spider-Man Friend or Foe was made by a different studio and features a Mediterranean Underground City level which replaces the console and PC versions' Transylvania level and features Electro as a boss you can then play as in that level. Venom's boss fight is also moved to that level. Carnage is also a playable character, unlockable through co-op mode.
This version has 3 kinds of files: .sbk, .pcp, and .str. I've only been able to extract the .sbk files. I don't know what's in the .pcp files and if there even is more audio or not. The .str files are music, and most of them extracted, but not all of them. If I ever find a way to extract more assets from this, I'll release an update if there are indeed more sound assets in this game to be found.

PSP-Exclusive Voice Actor Credits:
David Kaye = Electro
Fred Tatasciore = Carnage