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Author Topic: XML1 Prototype Skin Pack  (Read 120 times)

Offline Enigma

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XML1 Prototype Skin Pack
« on: November 24, 2021, 08:08pm »
XML1 Prototype Skin Pack v1.0
By Enigma


*Pics are included in the mod.

*Included are all the skins that are only found in the XML1 Prototype and aren't in the retail version of X-Men Legend 1. Many are from the game's cut post-apocalyptic Act 4, some are from cut playable characters, like Havok, Bishop, Marrow, and Angel, and some are from cut NPCs.

*Also included in the "Higher Quality Than Retail" folders are skins that have much higher quality textures in the Prototype instead of the 128x128 textures they have in the retail.

*Everything is sorted according to what the skin is, what NPCstat calls it (if anything), and what Alchemy 5 says the internal filepath and texture map is called (Ex: Mutant Police (Mind Variant). Alchemy says the texture's filepath is mutantpolice and the texture is a number followed by "_mind.")

*The skins in the 256x256 are in the retail version of XML1 but are in higher quality here. That doesn't mean these are all used in retail version, however. Some, like Multiple Man Act 4 aren't. It just means they are in the retail version's files and are in higher quality here.

*These skins are compatible with XML2.

*Also included are 34 skeletons that aren't in retail. Alchemy wouldn't open any of the Prototype skeletons for me, but opening them in a hex editor shows they do have the same type of things in them that the retail skeletons do.

*Also included are the 3 skyboxes from the Prototype that aren't in XML2 (the other 4 skyboxes in the Prototype are in XML2). I don't know if they're in XML1 retail, but I figured they would be a good resource.

*Use these for whatever you like, just credit me, as it look a long time to sort and take pics of everything. Enjoy!

*Please let me know if I forgot to include any!

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