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Author Topic: F4 Game project in XML2  (Read 94 times)

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F4 Game project in XML2
« on: November 25, 2021, 08:29am »
 :fantastic: :thing: :iwoman: :humant: :doom:

With this topic I pretend to bring key characters from Fantastic Four game (GC) to life in Xml2. With that said I will put a list of many of this key characters, but it will be uploaded as time passes by. With that said, here comes the list :
Anubite Great Warrior 
Blastaar   (Currently working on him)
Dragonman (as skin)                                                                                                           
Dr Doom and his doom bots
 El Diablo (Álvaro de Cabo) 
Fantastic four (as skin only)   
Horus (Fits incredible with anubite set)                                                                             
Mummy King 
Samurai Doom Bot   
Soul Guardians (from Hell)                                                                                               
Yancy Thugs


This is how actually looks Blastaar. Not yet released but it will be soon.

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