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Author Topic: Comic Covers for Everyone  (Read 1301 times)

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Comic Covers for Everyone
« on: December 15, 2021, 03:01pm »
Comic Covers For Everyone v3.0

***This mod features over 200 comic covers, including covers for every default and modded playable character for X-Men Legends II (with the exception of the "Custom Characters" in the "Non-Marvel Character Mod Catalog" and "Lags's Playable NPC Mods" due to lack of available covers.)

**All XML1, XML2, and MUA1 comic covers are included, remade in much higher quality by AI Upscaling the background and using comic cover images taken from higher quality online sources. (The original comic covers in XML1 and XML2 are 683x512 resolution but these are 1365x1024. And even for the MUA1 covers, these are higher quality cover images than those.)

**Also included are all the unused XML1, XML2, and MUA1 comic covers:
*Angel's unused XML1 Prototype cover
*Banshee's and Magik's unused XML2 covers (both have unused XML2 character select portraits, and these are the covers that those portraits use a portion of),
*Black Widow's unused MUA1 cover
*Emma's unused alternate XML1 Prototype cover
*Hulk's unused MUA1 cover
*Nick Fury's unused MUA1 cover
*Nightcrawler's unused MUA1 cover (which I found on a desktop wallpaper on the official MUA1 website on Internet Archive)
*Psylocke's unused XML1 cover
*Silver Surfer's unused MUA1 cover
*Also the comic covers used for these characters' unused character select portraits from the MUA1 Prototype and MUA1 Retail PC versions of MUA1:
-Black Panther, Blade, Daredevil, Elektra, Human Torch, Mister Fantastic (2 of them), Spider-Man, Thor
*Also the XML2 promo comic cover and some XML1 and MUA1 promotional magazine cover art taken from artists' portfolios.

**I've also included the custom covers that were made for the MUA1 OCP mod.

**I have also included all the PSP-only covers.
*The PSP version had 9 exclusive missions and each had a comic cover.
*1 of these, the Age of Apocalypse cover, was Toad's cover in every other version but it was used for that PSP mission because the mission featured X-Man and that cover is an X-Man comic cover (that cover works well if you want to use it for X-Man). Toad's cover was replaced with a different one. *Some of the other 8 covers have would work well for other characters (For example, Fatal Attractions is a Magneto solo cover, Mutant Massacre features Sabretooth fighting Wolverine, Rescue Lilandra features Shadowcat, and X-Cutioner's Song is a TPB cover of Stryfe.)

**I have also included alternate non-Ultimate comic covers for those characters that only have Ultimate covers in the 3 games: Angel, Beast, Captain America, Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Magneto, and Psylocke

*I've also done many other alternate covers for various characters.

**I have tried as hard as I could to find comic covers that came out before XML2 did, but in a few cases, this was impossible, due to either the character being created after XML2 came out or because they just didn't appear on any covers until after that date. In 1 case (Arclight), I was forced to used a trading card, and while I was at it, I also made trading card covers for Avalanche and Holocaust because I liked the images.
For the most part, though, almost every new cover here is from before XML2 came out.

All the images I used are included so you can see what the covers look like for yourself and pick which you like.

I also included the AI Upscaled template I made and used to make all of these covers.

Also included are instructions as to how to replace the existing covers in the game. (There are 15 by default but the X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch will include a modification I did to allow for 21 comic covers, 1 for each character in the roster. It will also include the remakes of the XML1 and XML2 covers for the characters included in the patch. For that patch, Jean's cover will be the Custom XML2 Variant I made and Dark Phoenix's will be the XML2 Jean Cover. It will also use Toad's PSP cover and the Age of Apocalypse mission cover for X-Man.)



*Enchlore: Finding the comic cover that's the source of Magik's unused character select portrait.

-Added the following custom covers for the custom characters mods that have released since I released v2.0 of this mod: Abyss, Blaastar
-Renamed and moved Silver Surfer's to Unused because it is an unused official MUA1 cover.
-Added the following covers that the unused XML2 character select portraits are based off of: Magik
-Moved Magik and Namor's custom covers to the custom alternate folder since they have official covers.
-Added the following covers that the unused MUA1 Prototype and Retail character select portraits are based off of: Black Panther, Blade, Daredevil, Elektra, Human Torch, Mister Fantastic (2 of them), Spider-Man, Thor
-Added the following custom covers for existing characters (and how many added): Beast (1), Daredevil (2), Spider-Man (5)
-Added the following covers: Custom Dazzler Cover 2, Unused MUA1 Namor Cover (This is the cover that was used for a contest banner on the MUA1 website alongside Jean's XML2 comic cover. Because of this, and considering Namor was a MUA1 cut playable character, it seems logical to assume this would have been his cover.) Unused XML1 Promo Cover Early Version, XML1 GamePro Cover by Mitch Cotie, XML1 Heroes Promo Art 1 Cover, XML1 Heroes Promo Art 2 Cover,
-Fixed 3 covers (Custom Loki Cover, Custom Longshot Cover, Custom Magik Cover) being accidentally placed in one of the Images folders by mistake.
-There were a bunch of included custom covers that I had forgotten to include the images of.
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Re: Comic Covers for Everyone
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2022, 01:46pm »
Updated to v2.0. See changelog for details.

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Re: Comic Covers for Everyone
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2022, 07:52pm »
I've updated this to v3.0.
Check changelog for details.