From Russia With Love Game Assets

Started by Enigma, December 16, 2021, 09:07PM

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From Russia With Love Game Assets
By Enigma

Yes, not a Marvel game, but there's a ton of audio that could be very useful, I think.

Included are all the audio assets from the From Russia With Love game, sorted as best I could. There are a lot of soldiers and such that are in the "Unidentified Men" folder, as I couldn't tell who they were supposed to be.

For non-audio files, since they don't have file extentions, I open each one in a hex editor, which revealed their file path and internal file names. I then sorted them based on upon that. These seem to be the game's character models, levels, text files, and various other things.


Since the filesize for this is massive and since there were only 2 downloads (probably because this was a specific request), I've removed the download.
If anyone wants any audio from this, feel free to ask.
Here is the cast list for reference.

Voice Actor Credits:
James Bond = Sean Connery
M = Peter Renaday
Miss Moneypenny = Karly Rothenberg
Q = Philip Proctor
Tatiana Romanova = Kari Wahlgren
Kerim Bey = JB Blanc
Rosa Klebb = Karly Rothenberg
Red Grant = Brian McCole
Krilencu = Fred Haggerty    
Elizabeth Stark = Natasha Bedingfield
Eva Adara = Maria Menounos