X-Men The Official Game ZSS Audio Files

Started by Enigma, August 20, 2022, 03:54PM

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X-Men The Official Game ZSS Audio Files


(Please credit me if you use these)

These are all the .zss files from X-Men The Official Game.
They are compatible with zsm sound editor.
Any file that starts with a "v" contains voiced lines.

Voice Actor Credits:

Professor Xavier            Patrick Stewart (Unfortunately all his audio has a voice effect filter over it)
Wolverine               Hugh Jackman
Nightcrawler               Alan Cumming
Iceman                  Shawn Ashmore
Sabretooth               Tyler Mane
Multiple Man               Eric Dane
Magneto, Additional VO            Dwight Schultz
Beast, Additional VO            Gregg A. Berger
Storm                  Debra Wilson
Lady Deathstrike            Vyvan Pham
Pyro, Additional VO            Steve Van Womer
Silver Samurai               Keone Young
Colossus, Additional VO            Brad Abrell
Cyclops, Additional VO            James Arnold Taylor
Jason Stryker, Additional VO         Steven Jay Blum
Young Jason Stryker, Additional VO      Grey DeLisle-Griffin
Jean Grey               Katherine Morgan
Kitty Pride               Kim Mai Guest (Same actor played Kitty in X-Men Legends II, but unfortunately all her audio has a voice effect filter over it)
Additional VO               Stephen Stanton, Dee Bradley Baker, Robin Atkin Downes