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Author Topic: Enigma's Havok Mod  (Read 1427 times)

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Enigma's Havok Mod
« on: January 15, 2022, 02:29pm »
:havok:Havok Mod v1.1: :havok:
By Enigma


Pics and installation instructions are included in the mod.

This is a new version and heavily modified version of Matt710's Havok mod. It contains the following improvements over the original mod:

*Includes voices by Liam O'Brien from the following sources/performances: as Havok and as Angel from Marvel Heroes as Angel from Marvel Heroes, because the actor is doing exactly the same voice for both of these roles.
*Includes grunts by Liam O'Brien from his performance as Akihiko Sanada from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
*Includes Havok's power sounds from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, and X-Men Next Dimension, as well as a power sound from Scarlet Witch's Marvel Heroes sounds that I merged with a MUA2 power sound for his 1st Xtreme, and 1 of Silver Surfer's Marvel Heroes power sounds for his 2nd Xtreme, due to a shortage of suitable Havok Xtreme sounds.

*Wrote his decriptions to fix spelling and grammar as well as to make it more clear what his powers do.
*Renamed the following powers to match his unused/cut XML1 playable character powers, as well as fit their naming scheme and to give his powers better names in general: Energy Beam > Plasma Beam, Energy Charges > Plasma Charges, Nova Burst > Plasma Nova, Plasma Boost > Plasma Synergy
*Renamed his first Xtreme power, Plasma Overload, to Plasma Pulse, since I had an Xtreme callout for that.
*Renamed his combo text to make more sense.

*His Plasma Nova power now does fire damage so that it's not so similar to his other radial attack.

*His powers now all have unique sounds, including his popup.
*His Plasma Beam and Cosmic Explosion powers now have charge sounds.
*His Plasma Blasts power alternates between 2 different sounds.
*His Plasma Pulse Xtreme power sounds now all play correctly.

*His power effects are now all the same color and that color is blue, to match what color they are in the comics and his other video game appearances. Previously, his power effects were mostly orange but with some green, white, yellow, and blue thrown in there. So like Cyclops, his effects are now all his signature color. I also fixed an error/typo in the coding of one of the effects.
*His icons are now blue to match his new effect colors (previously, his icons were yellow and didn't match his power effects colors, which were orange.)
*All his effects now show up properly, including the effects for his first power now work like they do in XML1.
*Corrected multiple issues with his powerstyle referencing effects files that don't exist, which causes many of his effects not to show up at all.
*Fix his Plasma Synergy boost having an ill-fitting animation.

*All missing texture issues have been fixed.

*I AI upscaled his official XML1 and XML2 huds. Their numbers are 1901 (XML2) and 1906 (XML1).
*The conversation huds by Matt710 now properly match the skins they were intended for.

*Added his unused XML1 Prototype X-Treme Gear skin. It reuses his XML1 3d head and conversation hud.
*Skins reorganized.
*Removed his civilian skin, as it was just a minor edit of Iceman's MUA1 civilian/trenchcoat skin.
*I didn't use the 3D heads for skins 1902, 1903, 1905, 1908, and 1909, as I felt they didn't really look like Havok or his skins, and I didn't like how they looked in general, so I've reused his XMl1 3D head for those instead.

*Includes his unused XML1 Prototype X-Treme Gear skin.
*Includes AI upscaled versions of his XML2 and XML1 conversation huds.

*Also included is my much higher quality unletterboxed XML1 Havok loading screen, as well as a character select portrait I made based upon the same image.
*Also included are Menu Breaks. They are labeled based on which characters they reference, so for example, the "With Cable" one is for if Cable is on your roster. If you don't know how to add these, don't worry about it. Just ignore them, as it can be a little complicated. (Hence no instructions here.)

*MUA2 Skin - This is a skin and hud made by UltimateVenom for MUA1 of his MUA2 skin. It's a bonus because it's not cel-shaded.
*Menu Breaks - A ton of them for various occasions and mentioning various other characters you may have in your roster. You can add these to your x_voice if you want and know how.
*XML1 Prototype Bolton - his power bolton is a slightly different color in the Prototype (it's white in the retail version and off-white in the Prototype). It's not even noticeable that a bolton is even being used, let alone the slight difference in color, but it's here if you want it.

Matt710: original Havok mod
BaconWizard17: the other version of the Havok mod, files to fix some of the missing texture issues.
Dorpond: Ripped Marvel Super Hero Squad Online power sounds
MUALover: Ripped Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 power sounds
UltimateVenom: MUA2 skin
hemlot: help with XML2 conversation hud
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Re: Enigma's Mods - Havok
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2022, 02:29pm »
Here's the skin list:
1901 - XML1 skin by Raven Software
1902 - Earth-X skin by Matt710
1903 - Unidentified skin 1 by Matt710
1904 - Original/First Appearance skin by Matt710
1905 - X-Factor skin by Matt710
1906 - XML1 Skin by Raven Software
1907 - Unused XML1 Prototype X-Treme Gear skin by Raven Software
1908 - Ultimate skin by Matt710
1909 - Unidentified skin 2 by Matt710

And here's the power list:


Plasma Beam - Absorbs sunlight and channels solar energy through his hands to blast foes with a beam of focused power.
Plasma Charges - Shoot discharges of plasma from hands. As he gains more experience, Havok can fire more discharges.
Plasma Blasts - Rapidly discharge blasts of high-heat plasma energy at enemies, doing Energy Damage (Hold or tap for more blasts).
Plasma Nova - Unleashes a wave of plasma hot enough to cause Fire Damage that also has a chance of doing a 'Deadly Strike' (33% instant $HP loss).
Cosmic Explosion - A radial blast of plasma energy that knocks enemies out of their senses by giving them migraines.

Plasma Absorption - Havok's body turns Energy damage taken into HP and increases Physical damage.
Plasma Synergy - Gives bonus Energy damage to melee attacks for self and allies for a time.
Command - Uses his natural leadership abilities to boost the effectiveness of the entire team.

PLASMA PULSE - Havok absorbs too much energy and overloads, discharging 4 shockwaves of different energy types.
ENERGY CONDUCTOR - Entire party spends no EP. The party shares Havok's ability to take no Energy damage in addition to limited protection from Fire damage and Radiation Damage for a time.

Plasma Combat - Adds Energy damage to melee attacks.
Plasma Mastery - Increases damage done and chance of criticals when using Energy damage attacks.
Plasma Disruption - Disrupts the energy field around him and adds a chance to dodge projectile attacks.
Plasma Energy Immunity - Passive ability that adds to resistance of various forms of Energy and makes him virtually immune to many forms of heat and radiation.
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Re: Enigma's Mods - Havok
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2022, 02:08pm »
Updated Havok to v1.1:
-Added an improved XML2 conversation hud, which I combined mine with a version hemlot did, with permission
-Added a troubleshooting bit to the installation instructions