Fantastic 4 2005 Game Assets

Started by Enigma, December 05, 2021, 12:22PM

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Fantastic 4 2005 Game Audio Asserts
By Enigma

(Please credit me if you use these)

These are all the voiced lines and grunts audio files from the 2005 PS2 version of the Fantastic 4 game, along with the music, concept art, in-game loading screen logo icon, and title logo from the PC version.
I've sorted the sounds as best I can.

Some characters had all their dialogue cut, like the Minotaur King boss, or were cut from the game entirely, like the NPC Therion. Mephisto is the disembodied voice in the hell level and originally had more dialogue and you actually met him. There are other characters that appear to have been either cut out or had either dialogue cut out, as I was unable to identify some of them. In those instances, I have labed them appropriately. The "Unidentified Boss" 1 and 2 folders are pretty clearly bosses but some of the bosses in the game seem not to speak. I suspect one of the folders is Dragon Man and the other is Horus, who are both major bosses who don't speak in-game, but I have no way of truly knowing.

The point is this game has cut dialogue and I don't know how much was cut, only that some NPCs had cut dialogue.

I was only able to get some civilians and thugs sorted. Some use the same actors, most I have no idea what to even label them as, and it got really confusing. But there's some good random stuff in there. If you want voices of various people panicking, as well as stereotypical New Yorkers with Brooklyn accents yelling, among many other things, you're in luck.

Some grunts I was unable to identify to any extent other than knowing they were all one actor.

The only ones I specifically labeled as Doombots were because their lines were talking to Doom by name. Some of the robots might also be Doombots, I don't know. But honestly, for anyone wanting to do a Doombot voicepack, there are plenty of robot voiced lines that can be used for such a purpose or other such robot voicepacks.

The concept art features some interesting redesigns for Malice (who isn't in the game or movie), the Thing, and Human Torch.