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Author Topic: Enigma's Angel Booster  (Read 588 times)

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Enigma's Angel Booster
« on: January 23, 2022, 03:32pm »
:angel_hero: Enigma's Angel Booster v3.0: :angel_hero:


This is a Booster I made for Cohollow's Angel Mod. It contains the following.

**There's a choice between 5 voicepacks for you to use (They all have callouts for his 2nd Xtreme):

*XML1 Prototype Voicepack:
-Uses his official XML1 Prototype voices (thanks to Ceamonks890 for cleaning the sounds up), the retail XML1 and unused XML1 Prototype Morlock Thief sounds (done by the same actor as Angel and sound a lot like Angel too. The Prototype set was too loud and the retail set was too quiet, but I think I got them balanced well.), and power sounds from Cohollow's Angel mod (thanks).

*XML2 Angel Voicepack Option A:
-This is a voicepack using voiced lines of Dave Wittenberg as Angel from XML2.
-It also uses grunts and voiced lines by the same actor portraying Kakashi in Naruto Clash of Ninja 1 and 2 and Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising, as he doing pretty much the same voice.

*XML2 Angel Voicepack Option B:
-Same as Option A but uses the Prototype's Wing Hurricane Xtreme callout.

*XML2 Archangel Voicepack Option A:
-This is a voicepack uses the voiced lines Archangel from XML2, as portrayed by Dave Wittenberg.
-He'll help you if it means he gets his revenge on Apocalypse, but he's no Angel. He's in this for himself, and he'll insult his teammates as much as he does his opponents.
-There are a few lines I had to edit due to lack of appropriate voices, but I'm very happy with the job I did on them, and I don't think they're very noticeable. (And if you do notice them, I think you'll get used to them pretty quickly. I did at least.)
-Because Archangel's XML2 grunts have a much heavier voice filter over them tha his voices, I instead used the grunts by the same actor from his role as Kakashi in Naruto Clash of Ninja 1 and 2, which I also used for the XML2 Angel Voicepack.

*XML2 Archangel Voicepack Option B:
-Same as Option A but uses the Prototype's Wing Hurricane Xtreme callout.

Also Included:
*Includes high quality versions of his unused XML1 and XML1 X-Treme Gear loading screens.

*A higher quality version of ther XML2 Archangel loading screen.

*New, updated skins and 3D head by BaconWizard17. I've reordered the skin lines in his herostat to accomodate these.

*Remade versions of his 02 (XML2 Angel), 07 (XML2 Archangel), and 08 (XML1 Angel X-Treme Gear) XML2 conversation huds.
-I've also replaced the NPC/Boss Archangel's hud with this new version.
-New conversation huds for all other skins by BaconWizard17

*A new character select portrait based off of a higher quality version of his unused XML1 loading screen.

*I also included a modified talent file that changes his 1st Xtreme's name to "Wing Hurricane" to match the name of his unused XML1 Xtreme power and to match the callout in the voicepacks that use that callout. I also changed his 2nd Xtreme's name to "Blood of the Martyr" which was going to be the name of his booster in XML1, which would've been a similar power to this. (Thanks to Cohollow for permission!).

*I modified his powerstyle file so that his new Xtreme names will display.

*Bonus Converation Huds:
-Unused XML1 Prototype Angel: This is the conversation hud he would've used if he hasn't been cut out of XML1.
-Custom XML1 Archangel Gladiator: This is all we have of Archangel's unused XML1 Gladiator skin. It's the button used to select the option to view what would've been a sheet showing the skin and most likely some concept art or possibly the loading screen on artist Glen Angus's website. The website is gone and all the Internet Archive saved of this image is this button. Even though there is no skin and we don't know what the rest of it would've looked like, the button was the perfect size for a conversation hud and I figured why let it go to waste.

*Bonus Character Select Portraits:
-One based off of Archangel's loading screen and one based off of Angel's X-Treme Gear loading screen.

*Cohollow: Angel mod
*BaconWizard17: skins, 3D heads, and conversation huds

-Updated skins, 3D heads, and conversation huds by BaconWizard17
-Remade his character select portrait based on a higher quality AI Upscale.
-Added bonus character select portraits based on AI Upscales of his X-Treme Gear and Archangel loading screens.
-Remade his XML2 conversation hud, his XML2 Archangel converstion hud, and his X-Treme Gear conversation hud and made them the defaults (02, 07 and 08 respectively)
-Added a new herostat to accomodate reordered skins.
-Added a new taunt to the voicepack XML2 Archangel Option B (since it's using the XML1 Prototype Wing Hurricane Xtreme callout, I'm repurposing the line I used for that in Option A as a taunt)
-Fixed some audio popping issues in the voicepacks.
-Added his unused XML1 loading screen
-Added his unused XML1 X-Treme Gear loading screen
-Added a higher quality version of his XML2 Archangel loading screen
-Added a higher quality version of XML2 conversation hud I remade using the same image source as his unused XML1 loading screen
-Added a new higher quality character select portrait based upon his unused XML1 loading screen
-The in-game display text that appears when you use his Xtreme power will now display the correct modified names.
-Changed his Wing Hurricane combo text to fit the new power name.
-Added 2 new voicepacks: XML2 Angel and XML2 Archangel
-Reorganized his XML1 Prototype voicepack so that his voices fit better for the different categories they're assigned to and added a callout for his 2nd Xtreme power.
-All 3 voicepacks have callouts for his 2nd Xtreme.
-Added 4 bonus conversation huds: Unused XML1 Prototype Angel, Angel X-Treme Gear, Archangel Gladiator, XML2 Angel,
-Clarified instructions
-Made it a standalone booster
-Included more clear installation folders and instructions

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Re: Enigma's Angel Booster
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2022, 07:15pm »
Upgraded him to v3.0. See changelog for details.