Enigma's X-Men Legends II Mod Catalog

Started by Enigma, January 26, 2022, 02:10PM

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Additions to Enigma's Voicepacks and Sound Mods thread:
Added Magneto XML1 Voicepack

Additions to Enigma's Skin Releases Thread:
Super-Skrull Ultimate Skin

Additions to Enigma's Skin Releases Thread:
Beast X-Factor Alternate Skin
Iron Man Model 2 Skin

I've updated Angel, Cable, Cannonball, Emma Frost, Jubilee, and Psylocke to new versions.
I made various changes and fixes, for which you can check the changelogs on each thread.

Additions to Enigma's Skin Releases Thread:
Psylocke Ultimate (Bishop's Team) Skin
Psylocke X-Force Skin

I've updated Cannonball to v2.1 and Jubilee to v3.0.
Check the changelogs on the their threads for details.

I've updated Jubilee to v3.1, Dazzler to v3.0 and Psylocke to v7.0.
Check the changelogs in the their individual threads for details.

Additions to Enigma's Skin Releases Thread:
Wolverine Evil Skin
Wolverine Evil Human Skin
Wolverine Secret Invasion Skin

I updated Jubilee to v3.1 and Psylocke to v7.1
See changelogs on individual threads.

See individual threads for changelogs.

Updated the following Boosters:
The Flash

Updated the following Characters:

Updated the following Mini Mods:
Multiple Man Boss Battle

Added the following to my Enigma's Voicepack and Sound Mods Thread:

Cyclops MUA2 Wii Voicepack