Enigma's X-Men Legends II Mod Catalog

Started by Enigma, January 26, 2022, 02:10PM

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I updated Captain America, Captain Mar-Vell, Hulk, Lady Deathstrike, Luke Cage, Omega Red, and X-Man.

I've released a new booster, Storm.

I've updated the following mods and boosters:
Cannonball, Captain Mar-Vell, Omega Red, Psylocke, X-Man

I've added the following new mod:
Mister Fantastic

I've added the following skins to Enigma's Skin Releases thread:
Mister Fantastic Classic Skins, Mister Fantastic Original Skin, Mister Fantastic Ultimate Dark Skin, Mister Fantastic Ultimate Older Skin, Mister Fantastic Ultimate Younger Skin