Enigma's X-Men Legends II Mod Catalog

Started by Enigma, January 26, 2022, 02:10PM

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Updated the following characters. Check changelogs in individual threads for details:
Emma Frost

I got to thank you for doing this they are everything! I'm curious to know if you are planning anyone else sorry they are just so good I couldn't resist to ask.

No, that's okay. It's fine to ask.
And I'm really glad you're enjoying them!
Right now, I'm working on revamping a few of my earlier releases.
After the Ultimate Patch comes out, I'll be doing Mystique and Spider-Man and then other characters after them.

Funny mystique is exactly who I was hoping excited 😆

I've updated Avalanche, Beast, Cable, Dark Phoenix, Magma, and X-Man.
I've also completely redone Omega Red and re-released him as a standalone mod.
Check changelogs in threads for details.

I've updated Beast, Cable and Magma.
Check changelogs in threads for details.

I've also updated XML1 Prototype Skins Pack and MUA1 Prototype Skins and Models Pack.
Check changelogs in Enigma's Skin Releases thread for details.

I've also released my Spider-Man Mod.