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Started by Enigma, February 05, 2022, 02:33PM

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February 05, 2022, 02:33PM Last Edit: January 06, 2023, 06:09PM by Enigma
Enigma's Quicksilver Mod v2.6


Pictures and installation instructions are included in the mod.

This is a new and heavily modified version of nodoubt_jr's Quicksilver mod. It contains the following improvements and changes:

Sound Changes:
*Included are 2 different voicepacks for you to choose from:
-1 featuring Yuri Lowenthal's performance as Quicksilver from Marvel Secret War (he's using an Eastern European accent) with grunts by the same actor from his performance as The Atom in Lego DC Super-Villains,
-1 featuring Jason Marsden's performance from Marvel Heroes (he's using an American accent).
*Both voicepacks include power sounds taken from The Flash's power sounds in Mortal Kombat vs DC and 1 power sound of Quicksilver's from Marvel Heroes. This means he now has unique power sounds for every power.

Visual Changes:
*He has 8 new higher quality skins with accompanying new conversation huds and new 3D heads by BaconWizard17.
*Includes an AI Upscaled version of his unused XML2 conversation hud (I merged 2 different upscales of the XML2 version together with an upscale of the somewhat different version that's in the files of the MUA1 Prototype.) that I also fixed manually, since it was literally rough around the edges and clearly wasn't ever finished by Raven.
*Includes new higher quality icons by BaconWizard17
*A higher quality version of the character select portrait taken from a higher quality image (the cover of the comic Son of M #2)
*2 loading screens I made: 1 using the Son of M #2 cover (which his character select portrait is also made using) and 1 using an AI Upscaled version of shafcrawler's loading screen art.
*I have modified his packages and added new packages for his new skins, so that each skin can use its own unique conversation hud and 3D head, and so that his icons will appear in a higher resolution in the character select menu.
-While he only has 8 skins, I have added a 9th set of packages, in case you wish to add a 10409 skin for yourself
-These are also the new X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch-style streamlined packages.
*He now has his own effects files and is no longer just sharing Colossus, Storm, and Wolverine's.
*Recolored his effects, including the ones I used from The Flash mod, to all be the same consistent color.
*Fixed issues with him having missing effects files.
*I have used some from hemlot's Flash mod to replace the missing effects files and to replace a few ill-fitting effects the original mod had.

Power Changes:
*He is now immune to slow.
*He is now the same speed as The Flash
*I replaced his Throwing Stars power with the Sonic Blast power from hemlot's Flash mod. I have named this power Quick Shot.
*I made his Whirlwind Spin power, which was previously just one of Storm's powers, more like Speed Vortex from helmot's Flash mod, although this version does wind damage, which The Flash's version doesn't.
*I replaced Silver Charge with The Flash's Speed Punch, and renamed it Silver Streak.
*I replaced Lightning Strike with Pinball Attack and renamed it Fast Frenzy.
*I also renamed the following powers: Quicksilver Speed > Slipstream, Quicksilver Fury > Quicksilver Rush, Uncanny Reflexes > Quick Reflexes
*His Quicksilver Rush previously had different types of damage in his talent file vs his powerstyle file and this power was just Wolverine's Xtreme, and also just used Wolverine's effects for that power as well, so I've changed it to be more like one of The Flash's Xtremes.
*I rewrote all his power descriptions and the powers' on-screen combo text.
*I fixed all issues with his power sounds not playing.
*Added chance to dodge projectiles to Quick Reflexes.
*He now starts with 1 point in his Quick Charge power, so that now he starts with a point in one of his powers just like every other character (Thanks to Logan for this bug report)

*Custom Original Loading Screen
-Uses art by Peter Nguyen

*nodoubt_jr: original Quicksilver mod
*BaconWizard17: new icons, skins, conversation huds 02-08, and 3d heads.
*hemlot: permission to use stuff from his Flash mod
*Logan: bug report


-Moved custom loading screen by Peter Nguyen to bonuses, added preview of it, and adjusted numbering of other loading screens.
-Added textures to package files that won't be in the permanent file in the X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch.
-Corrected a small mistake I'd made in his packages.
-Replaced packages with new streamlined packages.
-He now starts with 1 point in his Quick Charge power, so that now he starts with a point in one of his powers just like every other character (Thanks to Logan for this bug report)
-Renamed Uncanny Reflexes to Quick Reflexes.
-Added chance to dodge projectiles to Quick Reflexes.
-Fixed some typos in his talent file.
-Changed Regeneration description to match the one that all the other characters have this have.
-Added updated skins, 3D heads, and new conversation huds (based on mine) by BaconWizard17
-Fixed some audio popping issues.
-Minor text fixes to talent file.

Here's the skin list:
10401 - Modern
10402 - Modern (Avengers)
10403 - Age of Apocalypse
10404 - Original
10405 - Classic
10406 - X-Factor
10407 - Ultimate
10408 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

And here's the power list:

Silver Streak - Charges towards enemies and objects, knocking them back.
Quick Shot - Quicksilver creates a charge of static electricity with his hands and hurls it at an enemy.
Supersonic Uppercut - An super-fast punch that pops enemies up into the air.
Whirlwind Spin - Quicksilver creates a powerful wind vortex that pulls in objects and enemies, damaging them on contact.
Accelerated Clap - A thunderous clap that sends out a 140 degree blast of damage.
Fast Frenzy - Rapidly runs to attack multiple targets, stunning them.

Slipstream - Quicksilver generates a slipstream that allows his allies to move as fast as he does.
Wundagore Shield - All party members are enveloped in a shield of windgusts caused by Quicksilver's backdraft, reflecting some melee $DMG back at attackers.

QUICKSILVER RUSH - Quicksilver sprints around the area and attacks every enemy in sight.
SPEEDY PICKPOCKET - Increases Techbit, Health Pack and Energy Pack drops.

Regeneration - Quicksilver heals over time due to his fast metabolism.
Enhanced Speed - Quicksilver's enhanced speed allows for a natural increase in $AR and $DR.
Uncanny Reflexes - Increases chance to dodge melee attacks.