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Author Topic: Enigma's Jubilee Mod  (Read 365 times)

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Enigma's Jubilee Mod
« on: April 14, 2022, 11:41am »
:jubilee:Enigma's Jubilee Mod :jubilee:


This is a new and updated version of nodoubt_jr's Jubilee mod. It contains the following improvements over the original mod:

Sound Changes:
*Now includes a voicepack featuring her XML1 voices along with additional lines taken from her NPC lines.
*For her power sounds, I've used her Marvel Heroes power sounds. The only one of her XML1 power sounds I've used is her Independence Day Xtreme sound, as it's the only one of her XML1 power sounds that actually sounds like fireworks and not just generic ill-fitting sound effects.
*Fixed a lot of issues with the coding of her power sounds being broken.
*Her sound file is now jubilee_m instead of jubile_m.
*Molecular Detonation now has a sound that plays when the detonation/popup happens.
*Scorching Sparklers now has a sound that plays when the power lights enemies on fire.

Power Changes:
*She no longer uses a custom fightstyle. Instead, she uses the same fightstyle she uses in XML1, which is fightstyle_hero.
*She no longer uses a 2nd skeleton. She now only uses her XML1 skeleton, and her power animations have been changed to accomodate this and so that each animation fits each power.
*Removed the power Rapid Globules. It was designed for use with animations from the 2nd skeleton and none of Jubilee's fit it very well. It's also kind of an awkward power and pretty redundant since it's so similar to Fireworks Fling, which is a better power anyway.
-I have replaced it with another boost, as I felt she needed another one. So I've created Energy Nullication, a boost that nullifies all Energy Damage. I have also created effects for it.
*Added a new unique passive that also replaces Critical Chance: Lumikinetic Mastery, which increases the damage and Critical Chance of all of her Energy Powers and increases her Resistances. It uses an icon that went unused originally.
*Added a new unique passive that she has in XML1: Point Blank, which is a modified version of the version used in BliZZ's MUA1 Jubliee mod, which is included in the MUA1 OCP Mod.
*She now also resists Mental damage as well as Energy damage, which she can do in the comics.
*Renamed the following powers: Energy Blast > Fireworks Fling, Photo Flash > Strobe Flash, Exploding Pafs > Exploding Fireworks, Paf Shield > Lumikinetic Shield (also changed Xtreme in-game display text to match the new name.), Energy Combat > Lumikinetic Combat,
*Rewrote power descriptions to fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as to better explain what her powers actually do and to sound better.
*Bugfix to Lumikinetic Combat's damage level up numbers in talents file.
*For Scorching Sparklers, the talent file said it did Physical damage but the powerstyle file said it did Fire damage. I have changed the talent file to say Fire damage, as that makes more sense for this power.
*Redid some of the coding for her Independence Day Xtreme so that there can be 3 different types of fireworks, each of a different single color.
*Molecular Detonation's coding for it's knockback was broken. I have made the power do popup instead, as I felt that made more sense.
*Exploding Fireworks now does knockback.
*Fixed various other coding bugs in her powerstyle file.
*Rewrote combo text.

Visual Changes:
*Includes new skins, conversation huds, 3D heads, and a character select portrait by BaconWizard17
*Now includes a loading screen. It's a higher quality non-letterboxed version of her XML1 loading screen from the original artist's portfolio.
*For her icons, I replaced the 4 from XML1 with the higher quality XML1 versions and for the rest of the icons, the same ones are used in BliZZ's MUA1 Jubilee mod, but they're much higher quality there so I used those versions.
*I created 1 new icon. Also, there was an unused icon that is now used.
*Also changed which icons are assigned to which powers to be more fitting. The XML1 icons are now used with the powers that are most similar to her XML1 powers.
*I changed her packages and talent file to allow for her icons to appear in higher quality in the character select menu.
*I changed her packages so that she can have a unique conversation hud and 3D head for each skin.
*Because Pep Rally now has a more fitting animation, I've altered the effects and their coding to compensate for that.
*I removed the arc effect that her Fireworks Fling power used, because it looked very out of place.
*I removed the fullscreen blue flash effect from Strobe Flash, as I found it pretty annoying and also unnecessary and out of place.
*She no longer shares 2 effects files with Gambit and Scarlet Witch.
-One of these is an effect of Gambit's that was used for her Lumikinetic Combat (melee energy attacks) Passive. I have made this no longer be shared with Gambit and recolored it pink to match her power effects colors.
*Removed the weird green spitting effect that comes out of Jubilee's mouth in her Bait boost, because it doesn't fit in very well, and it's disgusting.
*I redid the colors for all of her effects. Before, they were a random mix of many different colors which didn't look good and really didn't fit her. I didn't make them the colors they were in XML1, which her effects were orange and purple with a little blue thrown in here and there. Instead, her effects are now all a combination of yellow and pink, which I feel suits her much better.
*Altered and redid the effects for Scorching Sparklers, which originally had many different radial effects in various different colors and many of those effects were only seen for less than 1 second. Now, there's a yellow burst when the power starts, then the main effect is a swirling pink radial with a yellow cloud underneath it.
*I removed the weird out-of-place "splat" effect from Exploding Fireworks.
*I created a new effect to replace a glitched effect that was used as part of the effects of 6 different powers.

Misc Changes:
*She now has 9 packages. She only has 7 skins included in this mod by default, but the option for 9 is now available to you.
*Removed all unused files.

*Bonus Conversation Huds: I made new conversation huds based on a higher quality non-letterboxed version of her XML1 loading screen and a higher quality version of her XML1 concept art.
*MUA1 Omega Base Good Epilogue LS: This epilogue image from MUA1 features Jubilee, so I've included it as a bonus 3nd loading screen.
*Concept Art: I remastered her XML1 in-game concept by replacing the color full-body part of it with a higher quality uncropped version I found online and AI Upscaled the rest of it and merged everything together. You can replace any of the XML2 concept art with this. Just rename the file to which ever file you want to replace and then change the name of that concept art's entry named in review_paths to "Jubilee."

*nodoubt_jr: original Jubilee mod
*BaconWizard17: new skins, conversation huds, 3D heads, and character select portrait
*BliZZ: MUA1 Jubliee icons, MUA1 Jubilee Point Blank Passive
*ak2ny: effects troubleshooting
*Ninja Kyden: effects troubleshooting
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Re: Enigma's Jubilee Mod
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2022, 04:33pm »
Here's her power list:

Fireworks Fling - Jubilee throws charged fireworks at enemies.
Strobe Flash - A Radial Light attack that confuses enemies.
Molecular Detonation - Jubilee manipulates Energy to detonate matter at an atomic level, causing objects and enemies to popup and even explode.
Scorching Sparklers - Releases a radial wave of Lumikinetic Energy that causes anything it touches to ignite and spontaneously combust.
Exploding Fireworks - Jubilee launches a firework which causes nearby objects and enemies to explode violently.

Bait - Jubilee taunts her enemies, reducing their stats and baiting them into attacking her.
Energy Nullification - Nullifies all incoming $DMG_ENERGY.
Pep Rally - Enhances party speed and increases Melee $DMG.

Independence Day - Jubilee fills the sky with brilliant fireworks that rain down upon enemies and explode.
Lumikinetic Shield - Jubilee envelops the party in a protective shield of light, making them invulnerable for a time and increasing their max EP.

Lumikinetic Combat - Adds additional $DMG_ENERGY to Melee attacks.
Lumikinetic Mastery - Increases the damage and Critical Chance of all of Jubilee's Energy Powers and increases her Energy and Mental Resistances.
Point Blank - Adds damage to all powers that hit enemies within 6 feet of Jubilee.