Enigma's Jubilee Mod

Started by Enigma, April 14, 2022, 11:41AM

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Not sure why, but windows is flagging this mod and several forge skins as virus positive. this is either a false positive, or a heads up to check out your computer just in case. Looking forward to trying out your Jubilee for sure though.  :wiggle:     

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Thank you for your response. Do you know what could be causing them to trigger the WinDef VFlag for a false positive? I wasn't trying to be rude or accusatory in any way. Just reporting what happened. 4.9 and the other's have no such issue. It's just V5 and the Forge skins that have been most recently updated. I'll try again with different Anti-V's, but if they get flagged on those too, like... You might have a little something that snuck under your radar. It happens to the best of us. The people that make these things are unfortunately very good at it. Conversely, if they don't get flagged I'll make sure to report those results here as well. I don't mind looking like a total fool if it comes from trying to do the right thing.   

EDIT: Ok, so after several attempts on multiple computers These files continue to present as positive for Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml specifically. To be clear, windows defender does seem to have a certain notoriety for doing this with some compressed files. With that said, This only occurs with these files. 4.9 and back do not trigger anything. The Forge and Iceman skins also tested positive unfortunately.

For reference, I'm just getting back into modding this game after at least a year long break or more. Been downloading all the resources I intend to use for the past two days straight. There are A LOT of files I'm using to build my workspace, and these are the only ones pulling a flag. Again, nothing I'm saying is intended to be an attack by any stretch of the imagination.  You very obviously know quite well what you're doing, with all the legitimately super cool stuff you've shared here. It's just this one weird outlier.

Windows Defender has a bad habit of doing this when scanning compressed files, as you said. I know you're just trying to be safe, but really, don't worry about it. Seriously, it's just a false positive. Everything's fine.

Hi! I tried to use your mods, all for X-Men Edition (Dark Phoenix, X-Man, Cable, Psylocke, Emma, Jubilee,...) and I had some bugs. For me, Jubilee isn't working, she doesn't do normal attacks, can only fire powers, but she is unable to punch... Plus, I don't know if I did something wrong but some sounds are missing.
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