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Author Topic: Enigma's Beast Mod  (Read 317 times)

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Enigma's Beast Mod
« on: July 07, 2022, 11:23pm »
:beast:Enigma's Beast Mod v1.2 :beast:


This is my Beast mod. It contains the following improvements over Cohollow's mod:

Sound Changes:
*Redid Beast's voicepack:
-I expanded his voicepack with NPC lines from both XML1 and XML2, as well as unused XML1 x_voice lines. His new Xtreme Pinball has a voiced callout from the XML1 Prototype.
-I added his XML2 boss grunts, so that he now uses all his grunts from both XML1 and XML2.
-Fixed audio popping issues.
*Every power now has a unique sound. I also added in power sounds where there weren't any before. (Cohollow's mod had very few power sounds and reused them a lot. He also used a lot of XML2's generic whoosh sounds instead of power sounds.)
-I used his XML1 Orbital Bombardment sound for that power and Beast's Marvel Heroes power sounds for all the rest, except for 1 unidentified Marvel Heroes power sound which I used for Beast's running sound during his Pouncing Pound power.
*Fixed many different sound coding issues.
*Adjusted timing on some power sounds.

Visual Changes:
*Includes a higher quality version of his XML1 loading screen.
*Includes a version of his unused XML2 Astonishing loading screen I made by scanning a higher quality incomplete version from the XML2 strategy guide and combining it with the unused version in XML2's files, which I then manually touched up.
*Includes his unused XML1 X-Treme Gear loading screen, which I've AI Upscaled.
*Includes BaconWizard17's updated skins, 3D heads, character select portrait, and new conversation huds. I also redid his herostat to match the X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch order of the skins, as seen in the Skin List file in the "Screenshots" folder.
*I altered his talent file and pacakge files so that Beast's icons can appear in higher quality in the character select screen.
*Includes new icons by BaconWizard17.
*Includes updated packages to allow Beast's icons to appear in higher quality in the character select screen.
*Removed camera shake from 2 power effects.
*Added new effects for new and altered powers.
*Replaced Orbital Bombardment's broken impact effect with a fixed recolored version of that power's original XML1 effect that now uses a texture that
*In both previous Beast mods, and even in XML1, Orbital Bombardment's impact effect used a texture that showed the square edges of the texture, which can happen sometimes if you use certain textures with certain effects. Additionally, the texture was white, which doesn't fit in with the color scheme of Beast's powers. I have replaced the texture with one that doesn't have that issue and have recolored it blue.

Power Changes:
*Rewrote power descriptions to fixed various spelling, grammar, and capitalization errors as well as to make them sound better.
-Changed Orbital Bombardment's description to explain how Beast is able to call in an orbital laser strike.
*Rewrote combo text.
*Renamed his Tameless Reflexes passive to Astonishing Reflexes.
*Renamed Uncaged to Beastial Instincts to better fit what it does and to use a XML1 power name.
*Renamed Berserk to Uncaged to better fit what it does.
*Renamed Ravage to Forward Momentum.
*Removed Leadership passive (which I felt it wasn't a great fit for him) as well as the Striker passive (which requires Cohollow's custom Shared Talents file which won't be in the Ultimate Patch anyway).
*Added Regeneration passive, as he has a healing factor in the comics.
*Added a new boost: Terminal Velocity, which increases his speed and defense.
*I removed his Beastial Awakening Xtreme and replaced it with a new Xtreme: Pinball. In the XML1 Prototype, Beast has an Xtreme callout for Pinball and a normal power called Bowling Ball. In the final game, Pinball was removed and Bowling Ball was renamed Pinball. I have recreated this Xtreme while also making improvements to it.
-It uses multiple random impact sounds so that you won't just be hearing the same one multiple times in a row.
*I altered his Orbital Bombardment Xtreme. It's now his 2nd Xtreme and Pinball is his first. It also is a little weaker and gives an EXP boost to all party members.
-I also reduced the maxrange of the power from 275 back to what it was in XML1, 225.
-In XML1, Orbital Bombardment is a specific number of random untargeted blasts, but nodoubt_jr and Cohollow both had it target up to 10 enemies on-screen and fire on them individually, which often meant that it only did a couple of blasts and didn't do much in general. The timing on the power was also screwed up. I have returned it to how it worked in XML1 as closely as possible, which fixed these issues.
*I gave him elemental and radiation resistance, which he has in the comics.
*Beast now has double jump moves by default instead of his Tameless Reflexes passive unlocking them. (Thanks to hemlot for doing this for me.)
*The number of levels for each of Beast's powers and passives has been rebalanced. Cohollow had reduced the number of levels for each and balanced him for use alongside his default character boosters. This made Beast not fit in alongside other characters very well, and also, as my booster is being used alongside other non-boostered default characters, Beast needed to be rebalanced to fit alongside those instead.
-Also fixed level coding error with his Uncanny Reflexes passive.
*Fixed multiple coding mistakes with Forward Momentum.
*Changed internal numbering of his power and effects so that they're arranged better and less confusing for me to keep track of.
*His heavy melee attack 1 now uses the same animation it does in XML1.
*Added chance to dodge projectiles to Astonishing Reflexes.

*Bonus X-Treme Gear Hud: I made this conversation hud using an AI Upscaled version of his unused XML1 X-Treme Gear loading screen.
*Astonishing Character Select Portrait: I made this character select portrait using my version of his Astonishing loading screen mentioned above.
*X-Treme Gear Character Select Portrait: I made this character select portrait using my version of his X-Treme Gear loading screen mentioned above.

-I added coding for his resistances to his herostat.
-Renamed Uncanny Reflexes to Astonishing Reflexes.
-Added chance to dodge projectiles to Astonishing Reflexes.
-Fixed typos in his talent file.
-With help from hemlot and BaconWizard17, I fixed an issue with the Pinball Xtreme that was causing Beast to attack the same enemy multiple times instead of multiple enemies randomly.
-I increased the maxrange of Pinball from 240 to 250 just in case.
-I changed Pinball from a Charge power to a Special power.
-I made a bonus X-Treme Gear character select portrait.

*nodoubt_jr: original Beast mod
*Cohollow: 2nd Beast mod
*hemlot: giving Beast double jump moves by default, ideas and feedback
*BaconWizard17: skins, 3D Heads, conversation huds, character select portrait, updated packages, ideas and feedback
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Re: Enigma's Beast Mod
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2022, 12:02am »
Is like you perfected all the characters amazing work.

Offline Enigma

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Re: Enigma's Beast Mod
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2022, 02:31pm »
Thanks so much!

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Re: Enigma's Beast Mod
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2022, 02:31pm »
I've updated him to v1.1.
Check the changelog for details.

Offline Enigma

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Re: Enigma's Beast Mod
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2022, 05:56pm »
Updated him to v1.2.
Check changelog for details.