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Author Topic: Enigma's Sabretooth Booster  (Read 248 times)

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Enigma's Sabretooth Booster
« on: July 12, 2022, 01:33pm »
:stooth:Enigma's Sabretooth Booster v1.1 :stooth:


This is my Sabretooth booster. It contains the following improvements over the default version of Sabretooth:

Sound Changes:
*A new and greatly expanded voicepack using all the grunts and the best of his voiced lines taken from his appearances in XML1 (this audio was unused), XML2, and MUA1 DLC, all voiced by Peter Lurie.
-This means you can hear his unused MUA1 bored lines, among many many other new and different lines.
*I used his XML2 power sounds, as I liked them better than the XML1 and MUA1 power sounds.
-He no longer has Wolverine's claws in and claws out sounds in his sound file because he didn't use them and his claws don't work like Wolverine's do anyway.

Visual Changes:
*Includes new skins, conversation huds, 3D heads, and power icons by BaconWizard17.
*Includes a higher quality version of his XML1 loading screen that I AI Upscaled to further improve its quality.
*Includes a higher quality version of his character select portrait I made based up my afforementioned higher quality version of his XML1 loading screen.
*I modified, updated, and fixed the effects from nodoubt_jr's Sabretooth effects mod, which are based on Sabretooth's MUA1 effects. I also removed all the many unused effects files the original mod had.
-I converted Sabretooth's MUA1 DLC 5 claw texture. I've modified the effects to make use of this texture as much as possible.
-I removed Talon Slash's weird glowing aura effect.
-His boost and debuff both use the same effect, as Wolverine does. I have recolored it. This effect serves double duty for his Feral Rampage boost as both the charge effect and the aura effect and as such, it's tricky to find one that looks good as both parts, so I left the texture as-is.
-His Slash and Bash Xtreme texture no longer has blue in it and instead now uses colors that match his other effects.
-His Regeneration Overdrive no longer shares one of its effects with Feral Rampage and also no longer uses Wolverine's Rude Awakening Xtreme effect unaltered. Instead, it now uses 2 effects I made.
-One of his effects file, p6_charge, referenced a Wolverine sound file and the file itself had the wrong filename. I have changed it to reference the equivalent Sabretooth soundfile and fixed the filename issue, which also included a brief change in his powerstyle file.
*His power5, Bleeding Talons, previously had no effects coding at all, so I've added this and a unique effect for it, which is his power1 effect recolored red, since it's the same animation and almost exactly the same power as his power1. Wolverine power1 and power5 are also very similar, but he does have a unique effect for his power5, so now Sabretooth does too.

Power Changes:
*I changed his fightstyle from hero, which is what Wolverine also uses, to wrestling, which is what Sabretooth used in XML1.
*Because the talent and powerstyle files I used include the changes Cohollow made for the X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch (and does not any content from his booster, by the way), it also includes the following fixes:
-Lunge attack speed inaccuracies fixed.
-Bleeding Talons display didn't translate damage % into pure damage. It also now properly does Bleed damage instead of Physical damage.
-He also did some other minor fixes to the power descriptions and sound which he didn't explain.
*I also fixed various typos, spelling errors, grammar errors, and punctuation errors in his powerstyle file.

Misc Changes:
*Includes new package files by BaconWizard17. There are packages for 9 skins. Only 8 skins are included, but the option for 9 is there.

*Sabretooth Classic loading screen: featuring art by Peter Nguyen, which I AI Upscaled.
*Sabretooth Weapon X loading screen: his X2 Wolverine's Revenge loading screen, which I AI Upscaled.
*Sabretooth Classic Character Select Portrait: a character select portrait based upon the afforementioned classic loading screen I made.
*MUA1 Menu Breaks:
-These are all his MUA1 Menu Breaks. If you don't know how to use these, don't worry about it.
-The "initial" one is way too long to use as a Menu Break, but I've included it anyway for completionism.

*I should note that the new voicepack, fightstyle change, and bonuses won't be in the X-Men Legends II Ultimate patch, but everything else will.

*BaconWizard17: skins, conversation huds, 3D heads, icons, packages, feedback
*hemlot: feedback
*Cohollow: bugfixes
*nodoubt_jr: original Sabretooth effects mod

-Added 2 textures I forgot to include.
-Renamed loading screen review_paths entries.
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Offline edward

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Re: Enigma's Sabretooth Booster
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2022, 07:39am »
Wow top quality everything I ever wanted Thank you! hope there is more to come.  :bowdown1:

Offline Enigma

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Re: Enigma's Sabretooth Booster
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2022, 06:30pm »
Thanks so much! And yes, there's more new stuff coming.

Offline Enigma

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Re: Enigma's Sabretooth Booster
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2022, 05:02pm »
Updated him to v1.1.
Check changelog for details.