Batman the Brave and the Bold Wii Audio

Started by Enigma, July 15, 2022, 08:53PM

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Batman the Brave and the Bold Wii Audio

(Please credit me if you use these)

These are all the English audio files from Wii version Batman the Brave and the Bold. All characters are voiced by the same actors as on the cartoon.
I originally did this as a request from Tubular Spaceman.

Some files are in .wav and some are in .ogg.

They are all sorted by characters, as well as what type of file they are (Voices, Grunts, Sound Effects, etc).

Not all of the characters have enough for voicepacks.
The playable characters do.
The side characters, which have varying amounts of lines, may or may not have enough for playable character voicepacks but if you want to make boss versions using them or Xtremes where those characters are summoned or something like that (For example, Skeets has 2 lines and 1 power sound).
There are also lots of sound effects, also sorted by character and such.

I've also included the 2 font files that were in the game, because why not.
I've also include the music. 1 track is a some Cowboy Bebop music that the developers used as a temp track. (it's song_driving.mp3)

The following characters have voices:

Playable Characters:
Blue Beetle
Guy Gardner

Captain Cold
Gentlemen Ghost
Clock King
Gorilla Grodd
Various Thugs

Side Characters:
Arisha Rrab
Black Canary
Black Lightning
Booster Gold
Captain Marvel
Green Arrow
Hal Jordan
Jay Garrick
Plastic Man
Red Tornado

Besides this, there are sound effects but no voices for the following characters:

Interesting things I've found out about this game while doing this:

1. This game clearly had a cut episode where you could play as Green Arrow. The numbering for cutscene audio goes e_1 (meaning episode 1) to e_3, e_4 and e_5 (Meaning episodes 3, 4, and 5).
There's audio of Batman saying "Nice shot Green Arrow." He only says those things to other playable characters, not to the summonable characters. That line is in the unlabeled audio.
Unfortunately, all of the cutscene audio that would have been in that episode isn't here, and Green Arrow himself doesn't have as much audio as the other playable characters, so he doesn't have enough audio here for a voicepack, but he is voiced by James Arnold Taylor so I'm sure there's enough similar sounding audio out there from other sources.

2. IMDB listed   Tatyana Yassukovich as Morgaine le Fey, but she's not in the game, and there's no audio for her in the game's files. Perhaps she was supposed to be in the cut episode 2.

3. Aquaman has a line saying "Brother how could you?" but his brother Ocean Master isn't in the game. Perhaps another cut episode 2 leftover.

4. Clock King has a fun easter egg where he complains if you don't do anything long enough during his part of the game.

5. I have no idea what or who the "Yes Sir Clips" are.

Voice Actors:

   Diedrich Bader    ...    Batman / Kilowog (voice)
   Jeff Bennett    ...    Captain Marvel / Proto-Bot (He was voiced by Adam West in the cartoon and this sounds exactly like him, but IMDB said it was Jeff Bennett)
   Xander Berkeley    ...    Sinestro (voice)
   Dee Bradley Baker    ...    Clock King / Copperhead (voice)
   Steve Blum    ...    Captain Cold / Heatwave (voice)
   Corey Burton    ...    Red Tornado / Museum Narrator / Weather Wizard (voice)
   Grey DeLisle   ...    Black Canary / Arisia Rrab (voice)
   John DiMaggio    ...    Aquaman / Gorilla Grodd / Prison Warden (voice)
   R. Lee Ermey    ...    Wildcat (voice)
   Will Friedle    ...    Blue Beetle (voice)
   Nika Futterman    ...    Catwoman (voice)
   William Katt    ...    Hawkman (voice)
   Tom Kenny    ...    Plastic Man (voice)
   Andy Milder    ...    Jay Garrick (voice)
   James Remar    ...    Two-Face (voice)
   Paul Reubens    ...    Bat-Mite (voice)
   Kevin Michael Richardson    ...    Asteroth (voice)
   Bumper Robinson    ...    Black Lightning (voice)
   Andrea Romano    ...    Batcomputer (voice)
   Tom Everett Scott    ...    Booster Gold (voice)
   James Arnold Taylor    ...    Green Arrow / Guy Gardner (voice)
   Gary Anthony Williams    ...    Mongul (voice)
        Crawford Wilson    ...    Robin (voice)
   Tom Wilson    ...    Catman (voice)
   Greg Ellis    ...    Gentleman Ghost (voice)
   Loren Lester    ...    Hal Jordan (voice)
        Adam Tierney    ...    Stage Announcer (voice)
   Billy West    ...    Skeets (voice)