Spaceman's Mods ( Plastic Man, Anakin Skywalker, Pokemon Trainer )

Started by tubularspacedude, August 17, 2022, 12:20PM

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Luigi has received a brand new update featuring 3 new skins, an updated main skin and mannequin, and more!

"If you're guilty, you're dead."

:punisher_logo: The Punisher - Skins and Voice Pack :punisher_logo:

This is a mod pack containing a variety of Punisher skins, huds and an updated voice file.

This includes:

Two variants of skins originally created by Julio Cabral several years back for his Booster. This includes a black suit version of his classic Punisher skin, and a fixed up and properly working Trenchcoat Punisher skin, previously only used for a mannequin!

Two brand new huds to match each skin, taken from art created for The Punisher's 1993 arcade game by Capcom!

An expanded voice file, keeping all of the original lines by Thomas Jane used for Blizz's original mod all the way back in 2008, while incorporating brand new lines taken from The Punisher (2005) game. We tried to be as seemless as possible with the original voice file so they'd sound as though Blizz included them in the original mod. This also includes a brand new Xtreme voice line, as the original lacked any.


Notes: There's a minor issue with the Trenchcoat skin - assault rifles don't line up as well in his hands on his menu idle, but we are working on a fix. Aside from that, it works smoothly and its not that noticable in game!


Julio Cabral - Original Punisher Skins based off of Marvel Heroes (Gazillion Entertainment)

Blizz - Original Punisher Voice File for his Punisher Mod

Hannah - Rerigging and fixing up the Jacket Skin

UltraMegaMagnus - Additional fixes to the Jacket Skin

Spaceman and Hannah - Voice File and Overall Mod Development

Marvel, Capcom, Gazillion Entertainment, THQ, Volition/Deep Silver, Thomas Jane - All original assets and voice lines from Marvel Heroes, The Punisher (1993 - Arcade), and The Punisher (2005 - Game)

Here he is at last: The Pokemon Trainer! With a full party of six Pokemon at his disposal, he'll be sure to be a valuable addition to the Alliance!

Squirtle: Water Gun - Red sends out Squirtle, who then uses Water Gun, which fires out a torrent of cold water from its mouth! (COLD DMG)
Pikachu: Thunderbolt - Red sends out Pikachu, who uses Thunderbolt - shocking all nearby enemies caught in the path. (ELECTRIC DMG)
Ivysaur: Vine Whip - Red sends out Ivysaur, who then uses Vine Whip, which snares and traps its opponents caught within its vines.
Jigglypuff: Sing -  Red sends out Jigglypuff, who then begins to sing a soothing song lulls the surrounding foes into a deep slumber.
Charizard: Flamethrower - Red sends out Charizard, who then begins to let out an intense blast of fire, which singes all enemies within its path. (FIRE DMG)
Potion: Red utilises a spray-type medicine for wounds - healing nearby allies for a varying amount.
Trainer Rally: Red activates a rally boost, which speeds up all allies around - and increases their attack speed - whilst playing a familiar theme.
XTREME Mew: Psychic - Red sends out the legendary pokémon - Mew, who lets out strong telekinetic force to inflict damage - this move also has a chance to mind control enemies caught in its radius - temporarily converting them to its trainers side. (MENTAL DMG)

Lucky Egg - An item to be held by a Pokémon. An egg filled with happiness that earns extra Exp. points in battle. (+50% XP gain)

Conflicts: 242 - Wrecker, Sharon Rogers


EpicandDragon - converting the custom Pokemon animations, effects, huds and more. The mod would not be possible without his know-how!

Hannah - skins converted from Pokemon Masters. HUDs, and general support and being a super cool person!

Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures, The Pokemon Company, Sora Ltd., DeNA, 4Kids Entertainment - Pokemon models and sounds from Super Smash Bros Brawl and the Pokemon Anime.

stupjam - Loading Screen Art 1

黒木シゲヲ - Loading Screen Art 2

This is very cool!

I haven't been into Pokemon in a long time, but I think I'd like to try this out sometime soon! For some reason I always thought it would be fun and cool to team up the Pokemon characters with the mods for Power Rangers or Optimus Prime.

This is an addon for the EXG (Expanded Game Project), it will not work without it.

This addon replaces music in the optional NYC Levels with that of music from Spider-Man 3: The Movie Game

This includes custom ambience, in and out sounds, and combat music!

Installation is simple, just drag the sounds folder into your MUA Folder!


Credits: Outsider - EXG + Assistance with mod making.

Treyarch, Activision, Vicarious Visions, Tobias Enhus - Music from Spider-Man 3, city ambience from Spider-Man: The Movie Game

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"All the Time in the world."

This is an expansion of an earlier mini cosmetic pack based off Spider-Man's back to basics costume from Future Fight.

I've modified a few of Spider-Man's moves to work similiar to some of his other counter parts, hopefully reduce limits and to give him a bit more kick!

Power 2 - Web Snare: This has been modified to now have Maegawa's fix: webbed opponents will remain trapped and unable to attack while ensnared for the duration of the power.

Power 3 - Web Mace: A modification of Enigma's XML2 Conversion of Spider-Man's Web Mace from MUA 2 (Next Gen), Spider-Man swings a mace made of webbing to deal some crowd-controlling radial damage.

Power 7 - Spider-Sense: A modified version of Enigma's take on Spider-Sense from his XML2 Spider-Man, this will make Spider-Man faster, and able to deal more damage as he targets enemy weak spots.

XTREME - Bungee Bash: An modification of Webb Spider-Man's Master Vigilante, Spider-Man leaps across the field, striking enemies hard and fast.

Cosmetics: One Hex-Edited Skin, and a custom voice set using Josh Keaton's preformance from Spider-Man: Edge of Time.


Hannah for assistance and support.

Ceamonks890, Maegawa, Enigma - Original Mods the new moves were from and inspired by.

Beenox, Activision, Marvel, Netmarble - Original assets from Edge of Time and Marvel Future Fight

Raven Software - Unused Spider-Sense2 effect restored by Enigma

Enigma / Raven Software - Web Mace Model / custom retexture of the Vanilla MUA 1 Loki Troll Mace

"Our foes are a cowardly and superstitious lot."

Rest in Peace - Kevin Conroy (1955-2022)

Batman is one of my favourite DC Characters, and while Blaw's original mod, and Outsider's booster are still fun mods, I wanted to try and do my own tweaks to present my ideal Batman mod while also updating and modernizing the mod for 2023.

Included are the following changes (as always Batman's number is 24 and will clash with U.S. Agent, Combat Agent and Lilandra.)

Installation: Using your prefered method, decompile the herostat, and update Batman's entry in it accordingly, or if installing for the first time, place Batman's entry in whatever slot you want.

Note as this is a booster, BLAW's Batman mod MUST be installed first for this to work.

Updated moves (Note: this booster does not contain the Batmobile found in Outsider's booster. It was left out in order to reduce Batman's trigger count to ensure better compatibility with more demanding teams of 4):

Batarang Toss: Now Batman's first power and sporting updated coding based off of Nolan Batman's Batarangs. Upgrade to increase the number of Batarang's tossed!

Crusading Uppercut: Batman's new second power, based off of Keaton Batman's uppercut, and allowing the Caped Crusader to dispense some good old fashioned justice with a hearty punch.

Bat-Grapple: Updated animations based off Keaton Batman's mod, can also be found in Outsider's Booster.

Shadow Kick: A powerful martial arts kick, not unlike the roundhouse kick preformed by Cyclops, Batman's new fourth power gives him a quick and powerful physical attack for when things get hectic.

REC: Updated animations

Detective Mode: Renamed to "As Blind as a Bat" and functions similarly to Nolan Batman's Sonar Vision, revealing enemies on the map while reducing energy cost. Its effects have been modified accordingly.

Herostat: Modified in accordance with the new changes. Batman's 1970s Skin is his primary skin now.

Aesthetics: The 70s skin has recieved a brand new HUD courtesy of Hannah using art by José Luis García-López.

Sounds: His power sounds have been modified accordingly: his voice files now use Kevin Conroy's penultimate preformance as Batman in Multiversus.



BLAW, Outsider, Ceamonks890: The original Batman mod, Batman Booster and Alternative Batmen mods respectively that formed the basis for this booster.

Hannah: HUDs, support, shared work on Multiversus Batman voice files.

DC Comics, Rocksteady, Daybreak, WB Interactive, Player First Games, Kevin Conroy: Original Batman assets, voice clips and more

"This looks like a job for..."


This is a brand new Superman mod that is completely standalone from BLAW's original. I've upgraded my original Superman Mini-Booster into a full mod with new animations, effects, and an overhaul to the original coding.

Additionally, all references to external effects and sounds are no longer present; this mod is entirely self-sufficent and will no longer rely on effects belonging to other characters that may be changed by other boosters.

For more information on the changes made, check out the attached powersheet and skin previews for more information!


This mod will conflict with Spider-Man 2099 (3501)

Voice: George Newbern as Superman from Multiversus (Converted by Spaceman and Hannah) with additional Grunts from Injustice (originally converted by Outsider)


Blaw - the original Superman mod, and original base for Superman's power and talent icons as well as the Heat Vision, Freeze Breath, Interception, and his boosts.

Hannah - converting all four Superman skins, huds, assistance on the Multiversus Voice Files, new icons and the powersheet.

EpicandDragon - various effects and fixes along the way, including freeze breath, flight boots for Recovery, and suggesting animations.

Ultra Mega Magnus - Support with Cape Rigging and additional help.

Ceamonks - assisting with coding, and coding for Krypton Crash and Justice for Tomorrow based off of Invincible.

Outsider - additional George Newbern grunts from his injustice Superman soundpack and additional assistance.

Ak2yny - assistance in fixing Superman's animations.

WB and DC Comics - all Superman related imagery, art and assets.

Netherrealm Studios, WB Interactive, Midway and the PWA - MK vs DC Superman model and Kingdom Come Texture Edit.

WB Games San Francisco - Clark Kent Model.

Snowblind Studios - Superman's Recovery Suit model.

Player First Games - Multiversus Assets

"This is where the fun begins..."

From a long time ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away... comes Anakin Skywalker.

Pod-Racer, Jedi, General, Teacher, War Hero and the Chosen One said to bring balance to The Force, Anakin Skywalker is a powerful Jedi with a fearsome moveset capable of taking on any adversary.

But while Anakin may be a powerful Jedi, his anger and wrath dwells beneath the surface ready to be unleashed...


Two Hex-Edited Skins (19611, 19615), based off of Hayden Christensen's likeness as Anakin Skywalker in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

A custom HUD, mannequin, and voice files using Matt Lanter's iconic preformance across The Clone Wars and other Star Wars media.

A five power moveset consisting of Three Attacks, a boost, and an Xtreme. (See the included Powersheet for more details!)

A custom Rage Mode: fill the Rage Meter throug combat to unleash the Power of the Dark Side and gain access to exclusive powers.

Note that the mod's number will conflict with Blob and Jessica Jones.


Hannah - converted Anakin Skywalker model from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Custom Sith Eyes retexture for Rage Mode, hud using art from Galaxy of Heroes, Lightsaber retexture, icons, banner, additional support

EpicandDragon - Additional support with icons, assistance in implementing the Rage Mode, and fixing various issues

UltraMegaMagnus - Original Vader Lightsaber Boltons modified to be Anakin's

Ceamonks890 - Some shared coding between Luke and Anakin, namely the Force Choke Power and Saber Throw

LucasArts, Lucasfilm, T.T. Games, WB Interactive, Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive, and all related companies - Star Wars, related characters, and assets taken from various Star Wars Media including:

Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Disney Infinity 3.0

Star Wars: Battlefront II (EA)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


"Here, pretend - pretend that that's a seed."

"It's a rock."

"Oh, I know it's a rock, I know. But let's just pretend for a minute that it's a seed, alright? We'll just use our imaginations. Now, now do you see our tree? Everything that made that giant tree is already contained inside this tiny little seed. All it needs is some time, a little bit of sunshine and rain, and voilá!"

"This rock will be a tree?"

"Seed to tree. You've gotta work with me, here. Alright? Okay. Now, y-you might not feel like you can do much now, but that's just because, well, you're not a tree yet. You just have to give yourself some time. You're still a seed."

From Disney and Pixar's A Bug's Life arrives Flik, a humble inventor Ant (Ants don't brag) that helped his colony fight back against the tyranny of Grasshoppers!

No stranger to unusual alliances, Flik is a support character largely meant to help aid a team of other heroes with handy boosts, while also having some effective attacks of his own!


1. Flik's Flyer - Flik rapidly spins in a circle to deal some fast-hitting physical damage!

2. Super Berry - Flik throws a Super Berry which deals some additional damage and exploding upon impact while leaving behind a sticky goo!

3. Bug Stomp - Flik rises up into the air and comes back down for a radial attack - this time, the Bug stomps you!

6. Flik's inventions - Flik scavenges the environment to try and create a number of helpful inventions ranging from gear, to power ups to even an Xtreme Power-Up!

7. Rallying Scope - Flik rallys the team to deal more damage and strike faster with a rousing cry and uses his telescope to locate nearby enemies on the automap.

8. The Time of Your Life - Sharing some special berries and grains among the team, these snacks help the party recover both health and energy!

9. (XTREME) Curtain Call - Leaping high into the air, Flick can strike back against the bad guys with an even stronger stomp!

Additional notes:

Flik can shrink back to his normal size! By holding the block button and then pressing the jump button, Flink will shrink down to Ant-Size. He strikes faster, gains might and deals more damage in this form, but he cannot regenerate energy and consumes far more energy for each power. Do the same combination again to return to normal size!

This mod took a lot longer to make than expected (I was originally planning this to be out in Feburary) due to a variety of circumcstances, but I hope you enjoy playing as this. I admit, its not exactly the most iconic or expected of characters to make into a mod!



Hannah - converted Flik model from A Bug's Life (PC), as well as HUDs, and general support and being a super cool person!

Disney and Pixar - A Bug's Life Film, tie-in media and all characters

Traveller's Tales - PC 1998 Flick Model, Lego Incredibles Voice Lines, A Bug's Life Game Voice Clips (Both by Dave Foley) and sound effects! - ripped by Enigma

Isaac has been updated with additional voice lines from DS3 courtesy of Godzillamendoza!

Isaac Clarke has been updated with some new animations for his Kinesis Power, making it more authentic/using his left hand for it as he does in Dead Space!

For my first full-character mod of 2024, I'm proud to present the Longest Long Arm of the Law and the original Elastic Hero! It's Plastic Man!


One Hex-Edited Skin (16911) packed with wacky segments, and three special boltons allowing Plastic Man to transform his entire body into all sorts of shapes.

A custom HUD, mannequin, and voice files using Tom Kenny's iconic portrayal as heard in Batman: Brave and the Bold!

A seven power moveset consisting of four attacks, two boosts, and an Xtreme.

Two Special Passives - One granting Plastic Man special resistances, including complete immunity to mind control and mental damage, and another granting him immortality. Plastic Man cannot die, and will instantly revive if defeated in battle!

Power 1 - Fly Swatter - Morphing his right arm into a massive fly swatter, Plastic Man swats his opponents and sends them FLYing!

Power 2 - Anvil Drop - Converting his right hand into an anvil, he slams the heavy anvil into the ground and sends surrounding enemies flying up into the air! Watch out for Coyotes!

Power 3 - Top Spinner - With his left arm a frying pan and his right an anvil, Plastic Man spins forward in a wild motion, rapidly hitting anyone caught in his path!

Power 4 - Bowling Ball - Morphing his entire body into the shape of a ball, Plastic Man rolls around the field making strikes and spares of his targets!

Power 6 - Rubber Smile - Plastic Man tells some of his famous "Plastic Jokes". The bad guys don't seem to like them that much...

Power 7 - Plastic Evasion - Rubberizing his skin even more than usual, Plastic Man can more easily dodge and even reflect beams and projectiles back at his enemies.

Xtreme - Our Pal Plas - Leaping up into the air, Plastic Man comes crashing down in the form of a heavy fridge, causing Xtreme Damage on everything caught in his wake!

Note that the mod's number will conflict with Velocidad and Gun Girls 2.


Hannah - converted Plastic Man model from DC Legends, hud using art from Injustice Year Four, additional support and ideas

Ceamonks890 - Additional support, shared coding with Blue Beetle's Pincer Arms

Outsider - Shared coding for full-body transformations (Batmobile coding)

Enigma - Audio Sourcing and Ripping for Plastic Man (Batman: Brave and the Bold [Wii] and Marvel Heroes [Morph])

Asset Credits:

The Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library - Sound effects for Plastic Man's jumping, lifting, Power 2, Power 3 and Power 4.

Tom Kenny - Voice of Plastic Man and repurposed Morph audio.

DC Comics, Quality Comics, and Jack Cole - Plastic Man and all related elements and comic panels/covers used for icons

WB Games - DC Legends Assets

WayForward, WB Games - Batman: Brave and the Bold assets

Gazillion - Marvel Heroes Assets

Sauti (Sketchfab) - Original Stylized Fridge Model used in Xtreme

b1ff1n - Plastic Man Wallpaper repurposed for transformation textures (The Ball model was created in 3DS Max)

"This World shall be MINE."

Albert Wesker has finally arrived on Earth-7150, and boasts an assortment of deadly powers, weapons and skills that make him one of the most sinister and dangerous Masterminds in the Resident Evil series, and now he's under your control.

Power 1) - Uroboros Tendril: Wesker shoots forth a potent tendril of Uroboros from his arm, striking and knocking down its targets.

Power 2) - Virulent Bound: This is a two-phase power; tapping the power button makes Wesker dash forward at no power cost, but dealing no damage. If you hold down the power button over the course of the move, Wesker will attempt to preform a chokehold on any target close enough to him. If successful, he will grab them and either destroy them if the enemy is weak enough, or throw them aside. The chokehold will work on BOSSES.

Power 3) - Vicious Assault: Drawing his knife, Wesker slashes and strikes at those in his path, causing bleeding damage.

Power 4) - Samurai Edge: Wesker draws his custom-made handgun, the Samurai Edge, and blasts in a loop at enemies as long as you hold down the button.

Power 5) - Viral Outbreak: Harnessing his unnerving speed, Wesker darts around the battlefield, striking everyone close to him in the blink of an eye.

Power 6) - Terrifying Plot: Wesker lets out a vicious cry or taunt, scaring his targets and forcing them flee as they are weakened from the sheer terror from what they face.

Power 7) - Total Saturation: Letting Uroboros overtake much of his body, Wesker changes into a much monsterous form, becoming stronger and being able to execute any power with unlimited energy for an exact minute before he reins in the virus.

XTREME - Terminus: Unleashing a multitude of Uroboros tendrils from his body, Wesker blankets the area with these deadly appendages, striking anything around him with a chance for an instant kill!.

Wesker also features the following passives and innate abilities.

Might, Healing Factor, Immunity to Slow, Knockdown, Grabs and Mind Control, and a 75% chance of Resurrection upon death.

I hope you enjoy this mod, and I apologize for the long wait on this!


Waggens7up - Wesker Uroboros Skin

Hannah - Wesker's Jacket, Jacketless, STARS Skins, Mannequin and Huds, Bonus DBD Skin and Hud

EpicandDragon, Canino - Updated Iron Fist melees used for Wesker.

Hannah, EpicandDragon, Ceamonks890, Enigma - Additional technical support and assistance with powerstyle coding.

Capcom, Behaviour Interactive - Wesker, Resident Evil, Dead By Daylight and all assets, models, sounds, etc