Young Justice Legacy Assets

Started by Enigma, January 20, 2023, 06:53PM

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January 20, 2023, 06:53PM Last Edit: February 21, 2023, 10:32AM by Enigma
Young Justice Legacy Assets

**This release contains the following assets from the PS3 version of Young Justice Legacy:
*All the audio.
*All of the loading screens and concept art.
*All the huds and icons from that game, which I've cut apart into individual images and Denoised and AI Upscaled them where necessary, as some of them were both very small and in fairly rough shape.
*All the effects textures. These could easily be turned into XML2 and MUA1 effects textures. Some of them could also make good icons.

(Please credit me if you use these)

**Voice Actor Credits:
   Thom Adcox          ...    Klarion the Witch Boy / Riddler Goon / Sportsmaster Minion
   Jeff Bennett          ...    Red Tornado / Psimon / Villager
   Cameron Bowen          ...    Robin / Icicle Minion / Ninja
   Lacey Chabert          ...    Zatanna / LexCorp Bot / Tourist
   Nick Chinlund          ...    Sportsmaster / Riddler Goon / Statue
   Bruce Greenwood       ...    Batman
   Kelly Hu          ...    Cheshire / Manta Trooper / Tourist
   Phil LaMarr          ...    Aquaman / Tourist / Villager
   Stephanie Lemelin       ...    Artemis / Computer / Riddler Goon
   Eric Lopez          ...    Bane / Blue Beetle / Bane Goon
   Yuri Lowenthal          ...    Tempest / Icicle Jr.
   Vanessa Marshall       ...    Black Canary / Killer Frost
   Danica McKellar       ...    Miss Martian / Batgirl / Ninja
   Jesse McCartney       ...    Nightwing / Icicle Minion
   Nolan North          ...    Superboy / Superman
   Khary Payton          ...    Aqualad / Black Manta / Tourist
   Kevin Michael Richardson    ...    John Stewart Green Lantern / Bane Thug / Bialyan Soldier
   Mark Rolston          ...    Lex Luthor / Blockbuster / Sportsmaster Minion
   Jason Spisak          ...    Kid Flash /  The Riddler /  Beast Boy
   Cree Summer          ...    Aquagirl / Rocket
   Greg Weisman          ...    Tourist / Undead Soldier
   Mae Whitman          ...    Wonder Girl / Helena Sandsmark

**Music by Eduardo de la Iglesia