Enigma's Lady Deathstrike Mod

Started by Enigma, March 18, 2023, 11:46AM

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March 18, 2023, 11:46AM Last Edit: June 24, 2024, 02:09PM by Enigma
Enigma's Lady Deathstrike Mod v1.6


This is my Lady Deathstrike mod. It contains the following:

*I made a voicepack. I used her XML2 x_voice lines and grunts as well as clips I edited from her NPC dialogue, all voiced by Kim Mae Guest.
-I used more voiced lines and grunts from the same actor's role as Mihoko in the unreleased Gamecube port of Galleon.
-She has 3 banter lines with Wolverine.
*Kickback uses its XML2 NPC power sounds.
*Nail Biter uses 2 of Lady Deathstrike's Marvel Heroes boss power sounds and the second part of its XML2 NPC power sound.
*Soaring Kick uses the first part of the sound Nail Biter uses for her XML2 NPC version.
*For all her other power sounds, I used Lady Deathstrike's Marvel Heroes boss power sounds.

*She uses her XML2 NPC skeleton.
*She can double jump.
*She has grab and might.
*She can see hidden enemies.
*She has her correct main menu Danger Room icon.
*Her NPC version doesn't use a fightstyle, so I've had her use finesse1.
*She has Mental resistance.
*She has her XML2 NPC power 1, which I've named Nail Biter.
-I've made this do Blade damage.
*She has her XML2 NPC power 2, which I've named Kickback.
-I've made this do Physical damage.
*Her 2 unique Melee animations are now instead used for new powers I've created called Nail Cutter and Soaring Kick, because I felt they fit that better and also that they didn't really fit very well with the fightstyle Melee animations.
*I've created another new power called Shuriken.
*I've created 2 new boosts, Razor Sharp and Defensive Stance.
*I've created 2 new Xtremes, Deadly Dash and Divine Wind.
*I've created 2 new passives, Cybernetic Restoration and Extraordinary Reflexes.
*In Canino's XML2 Lady Deathstrike mod, he had a passive called Cybernetic Upgrades. I've used the idea of that passive, but I've coded about it in a completely different way because the way Canino did it didn't really work.
-I've also renamed it to Melee Mastery.
-It now affects all powered and non-powered Melee attacks.

*Includes a higher quality version of her XML2 loading screen that I remade using a higher quality source which I edited to remove the XML2 logo that was on it, fix some issues and then AI Upscaled it.
*Includes a character select portrait and remade version of her XML2 conversation hud based upon my afforementioned improved version of her default XML2 loading screen.
*I've used BaconWizard17's Sabretooth's icons because this was the best existing option for icons I had.
*The impact effects for Nail Biter, Nail Cutter, and Soaring Kick use Lady Deathstrike's unused XML2 NPC impact effect which I've recolored and modified.
*Nail Biter uses its XML2 NPC charge effect, which I recolored.
-I also made a new texture that's a 5 claw texture in the style of Wolverine's default 3 claw texture. I altered this effect to use it.
*Kickback uses its XML2 NPC charge effect.
*Defensive Stance uses an aura effect of Wolverine's from MUA1 PS2 that I recolored.
*All other effects not mentioned above are ones I made.

*She has 9 packages.
-They allow her to have 9 skins as well as unique huds and 3D heads for every skin.
-These are the streamlined X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch-style packages.

*X2 Wolverine's Revenge Loading Screen:
-Her loading screen from X2 Wolverine's Revenge featuring her as a cyborg. I extracted this image from that game and AI Upscaled it.
*Announcer Callout:
-An announcer callout for her by Patrick Stewart. I extracted it from X-Men Next Dimension.
*Menu Breaks:
-Some menu breaks for her.

-I removed the limit on Might so that it can now level up to level 2.
-Rebalanced multiple powers.
-Streamlined coding of Soaring Kick.
-Minor coding fix to Soaring Kick.
-Streamlined powerstyle coding.
-Melee Mastery's Critical chance now only increases Critical chance for non-powered Melee attacks instead of everything.
-Removed Extraordinary Reflexes' chance to dodge all powered and non-powered Melee attacks.
-Melee Mastery now only affects non-powered Melee attacks instead of powered and non-powered.
-Fixed instances of a few of her powers not using EP.
-Minor fix to Razor Sharp's levelup info.
-Soaring Kick now requires Kickback.
-Divine Wind now requires Extraordinary Reflexes.
-Renamed Cybernetic Upgrades to Melee Mastery.
-Melee Mastery now affects all powered and non-powered Melee attacks.

*Canino: I used his idea for the Cybernetic Upgrades passive from his XML2 Lady Deathstrike mod.
*nodoubt_jr: I used some coding from his XML2 Quicksilver mod to get the Shuriken power working.
*BaconWizard17: Sabretooth icons