Thor God of Thunder PS3 Audio

Started by Enigma, April 16, 2023, 02:00PM

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:thor:Thor God of Thunder PS3 Audio v1.0 :thor:

Please credit me if you use these!

**This is all the audio from the PS3 game Thor God of Thunder, which I've ripped and sorted.
*The game is based on the first Thor MCU movie and features the MCU actors for Thor, Loki, and Lady Sif.
*I should mention this game's tone is signficantly more serious then the MCU movies are. There are almost no jokes anywhere in this game and all the actors are taking this very seriously and treating it like a serious drama.
*Mangog appears to be the 4 credited actors all doing the same lines, which were then each layered on top of each other for each line.

Voice Actors:
Chris Hemsworth    ...    Thor
Tom Hiddleston       ...    Loki
Jaimie Alexander    ...    Lady Sif
Phil LaMarr       ...    Heimdall
Steve Blum       ...    Ulik / Mangog
Robin Atkin Downes    ...    Frost Giant / Mangog
Tom Kane       ...    Odin
Scott MacDonald    ...    Warlord
Rick D. Wasserman    ...    Surtur / Troll
Mitch Lewis       ...    Ymir / Mangog
Mari Weiss       ...    Vanir Matriarch / Mangog
Lisa Moncure       ...    Vanir Beacon Interface / Mangog
Nick Bennett       ...    Jotun Raider
Liam O'Brien       ...    Skraeling / Scorcher