Marvel Nemesis Assets

Started by Enigma, August 22, 2023, 08:02PM

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Marvel Nemesis Assets

Please credit me if you use these!

***These are assets from the PS2, PSP, and Xbox Prototype versions of Marvel Nemesis.
**Included are:
*All the cutscene audio. Most of the audio is clean and is from the Xbox Prototype version, so I've used those versions where applicable. -Some of the cutscenes were only in the Prototype and are presumably "deleted scenes." These have been placed in their own folder.
-Most of the Finishing Move audio was only in the PS2 version, but a few had Xbox Prototype versions. I've included both versions in cases where there 2 versions because the Prototype audio files are multichannel and Johnny Ohm's at least is different from the PS2 version in that the Prototype version has a lot more screaming in it and that was censored for the PS2 version.
*Grunts and power sounds for all characters from both the PS2 and PSP versions.
-Captain America and Dr. Doom's are only in the PSP version. I have no idea who voiced them.
-Daredevil and Human Torch are only in the console versions.
-The music and ambience from the PSP version.
-Effects textures, costume textures, and level textures from the PS2 and Xbox Prototype versions.
-A loading screen featuring concept art and an alternate title/subtitle for the game
-Some icons from the PSP and Xbox Prototype versions.
-Terry Dodson's portfolio. He did some concept art, some of which was used for the PSP version's menu art.

Voice Actors List:
Alistair Abell       ...    Spider-Man
Mark Acheson       ...    Brigade
Jason Bryden        ...    Venom
Larry Pierre Davids    ...    Hazmat
Laura De Young       ...    Clair Strouth
Michael Dobson       ...    Niles van Roekel / Johnny Ohm
Christopher Gaze    ...    Magneto
Laura Garofano       ...    The Wink
Jani Jakovac       ...    Elektra
Mark Gibbon       ...    The Thing
Mark Hildreth       ...    Daredevil
David Kaye       ...    Wolverine / Iron Man
Tina Krohn       ...    Fault Zone
Estelle Liebenberg    ...    Storm
Camille Lopez       ...    Paragon
Jeff Mair       ...    News 12 Announcer
Kirby Morrow       ...    Human Torch
Joe Nickolls       ...    Jim
Ester Weisz       ...    Solara
Chris Gordon       ...    Various Uncredited Voices
Paul Lazenby       ...    Various Uncredited Voices
Unknown                 ...     Captain America
Unknown                 ...     Doctor Doom