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MUA3 Audio v1.0

Please credit me if you use these!

Unlike any previous releases, my release contains all of MUA3's audio, including all DLC audio, conversation dialogue, cutscene audio, grunts, power sounds, etc.

There are some grunts in with the voiced lines and some more lines in with the grunts and power sounds.

Some of the placeholder lines were re-recorded with the final voice actors and some were cut from the game entirely and not re-recorded.

Some actors played multiple roles and it was sometimes very hard to tell which character was which. If I got any sorted incorrectly, please let me know.

Storm and Okoye are played by the same actor and she's doing the same accent for them, so I couldn't tell them apart, so they're in the same folder together.

Mantis appears to have audio and was cut out of the game. Her voice actor is unknown.

(Also, I forgot to mention in the readme, but some characters listed on the official IMDB list, which is what I included in the readme, don't appear to actually appear to have any voiced lines in the game, like Toxin, Black Bolt, and Cull Obsidian for example)

Voice Actors List:
   Josh Keaton       ...    Ant-Man (Scott Lang)
   Fred Tatasciore    ...    Beast / Ghost Rider / Hulk
   Liam O'Brien       ...    Black Bolt / Destroyer / Doctor Strange / Nightcrawler / Red Skull / Additional Voices
   James C. Mathis III    ...    Black Panther / Luke Cage / Ronan the Accuser
   Laura Bailey       ...    Black Widow / Danger Room Computer / Additional Voices
   Steve Blum       ...    Bullseye / Green Goblin / Venom / Wolverine
   Brian Bloom       ...    Captain America / Daredevil / Punisher (Curse of the Vampire DLC)
   Erica Lindbeck       ...    Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) / Psylocke
   Chris Cox       ...    Colossus / Hawkeye
   David Kaye       ...    Corvus Glaive / Mysterio / Vision
   James Arnold Taylor    ...    Cosmo / Iceman (Rise of the Phoenix DLC)
   Mary Faber       ...    Crystal / Medusa
   Jesse Burch       ...    Cull Obsidian
   Scott Porter       ...    Cyclops / Star-Lord
   Nolan North       ...    Deadpool / Rocket Raccoon
   William Salyers    ...    Doctor Octopus
   Phil LaMarr       ...    Dormammu / Additional Voices
   Brandon Paul Eells    ...    Drax the Destroyer
   Todd Haberkorn       ...    Ebony Maw / Additional Voices
   Christopher Daniel Barnes    ...    Electro
   Kat Cressida       ...    Elektra
   Kari Wahlgren       ...    Elsa Bloodstone / Proxima Midnight / Wasp / Invisible Woman (Shadow of Doom DLC)
   Bumper Robinson    ...    Falcon / Additional Voices
   Vanessa Marshall    ...    Gamora / Additional Voices
   Crispin Freeman    ...    Gorgon
   Adam Harrington    ...    Groot / Lockjaw
   Nika Futterman       ...    Hela
   Johnny Yong Bosch    ...    Iron Fist / Additional Voices
   Eric Loomis       ...    Iron Man
   Tara Strong       ...    Jessica Jones
   Peter Lurie       ...    Juggernaut
   Tim Blaney       ...    Kingpin
   David Shaughnessy    ...    Klaw / Additional Voices
   Jason Spisak       ...    Loki
   Wally Wingert       ...    M.O.D.O.K. / Mister Fantastic (Shadow of Doom DLC)
   Tom Kane       ...    Magneto
   Diedrich Bader       ...    Maximus
   Nadji Jeter       ...    Miles Morales
   Kathreen Khavari    ...    Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
   Sumalee Montano    ...    Mystique
   Ashly Burch       ...    Nebula
   John Eric Bentley    ...    Nick Fury
   Robbie Daymond       ...    Nova / Thane
   Dwight Schultz       ...    Odin
   Richard Epcar       ...    Sandman
   Kate Higgins       ...    Scarlet Witch
   Allegra Clark       ...    Spider-Gwen
   Yuri Lowenthal       ...    Spider-Man / Additional Voices
   Mara Junot       ...    Storm / Okoye (Dora Milaje Leader)
   Hynden Walch       ...    Supergiant
   Jamieson Price       ...    Surtur
   Isaac C. Singleton Jr.    ...    Thanos
   Rick D. Wasserman    ...    Thor
   Jim Meskimen       ...    Ultimo / Ultron / Ultron Minions / Additional Voices
   Mary Elizabeth McGlynn    ...    Valkyrie
   Ray Chase       ...    Winter Soldier
   Alex Skuby       ...    Additional Voices
   Brad Venable       ...    Additional Voices
   Edward Bosco       ...    Additional Voices
   Jim Ward       ...    Additional Voices
   Joe Zieja       ...    Additional Voices
   Jon Olson       ...    Insectoids / Additional Voices
   Matthew Waterson    ...    Additional Voices
   Imari Williams       ...    Blade (Curse of the Vampire DLC)
   Gideon Emery       ...    Moon Knight (Curse of the Vampire DLC)
   Jake Green       ...    Morbius (Curse of the Vampire DLC)
   James M. Connor    ...    Cable (Rise of the Phoenix DLC)
   Rick Pasqualone    ...    Gambit (Rise of the Phoenix DLC)
   Jennifer Hale       ...    Phoenix (Rise of the Phoenix DLC)
   Keith Ferguson       ...    Professor X (Rise of the Phoenix DLC)
   Robin Atkin Downes    ...    Annihilus (Shadow of Doom DLC)
   Maurice LaMarche    ...    Doctor Doom (Shadow of Doom DLC)
   Matthew Yang King    ...    Human Torch (Shadow of Doom DLC) / Insectoids
   David Boat       ...    The Thing (Shadow of Doom DLC) / Phage
   Keith Szarabajka    ...    Toxin
   Unknown                 ...     Mantis

*tubularspaceman: identifying Mantis's audio, help identifying other audio
*Hannah: identifying Mantis's audio

Line 9056 ("He's still alive?") was incorrectly put in Proxima Midnight's audio instead of Psylocke.
Thanks to Hannah for letting me know.
I'm noting it here instead of reuploading the release because of the large file size.