Daredevil PS2 Assets

Started by Enigma, November 06, 2023, 06:15PM

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:daredevil:Daredevil PS2 Assets v1.0 :daredevil:


Please credit me if you use these!

**This is all the audio from a prototype of the unreleased Daredevil PS2 game, as well as some other assets related to the game.
*I don't really know who many of the voice actors are. If you recognize any of them, please let me know so that they can be credited.
*Daredevil is the only one that speaks in the cutscenes, but there's music playing in them too.
*I've also included 3 images from the game's files, a print ad for the game from a comic, 2 pieces of concept art, a placeholder cover from the game's official site that uses a variant cover of Daredevil Marvel Knights #1, a placeholder Xbox cover that features that same art, and a PC rating pending cover with different art, and what appears to be the final PS2 cover because it's been rated.

Voice Actors List:
*Bullseye = Steve Blum
*Daredevil = Dee Bradley Baker (Previously voiced him in the Spider-Man 2000 game by Neversoft.)
*Elektra = ?
*Female Civilians = ?
*King of the Sewers = Fred Tatasciore
*Kingpin = ?
*Male Civilians = ?
*Male Cops = ?
*Male Thugs = Steve Blum (and other unknown actors)
*Ninjas = Steve Blum
*Stone = ?
*Unknown Monster = ?

*Ceamonks890: Identifying King of the Sewers, Male Thugs, and Ninjas voice actors
*Hannah: Identifying Daredevil and Bullseye's voice actors