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:pyro:Enigma's Pyro Booster v1.2 :pyro:


**By default, Pyro is almost exactly the same as Sunfire. He has all the same powers except he can't fly, his menu and idle animations are the only ones that are different from Sunfire's animations, he shares Sunfire's effects, grunts, and some of his power sounds, and lacks any loading screens. I've created a new and unique version of Pyro using the XML1 Prototype and Retail versions of his normal and Gladiator boss versions as a starting point.

*I've expanded his voices with lines from his XML2 NPC conversations.
-I also reused his Menu Breaks as various types of voiced lines.
-I've also reused some of his No Work lines as No Power lines because they were a good fit and No Work lines aren't used very much.
*By default, some of Pyro's grunts in his playable version's soundfile are his NPC ones and some are Sunfire's. His NPC soundfile didn't have a full set of grunts either, although the few he did have were in his voice. He also had 3 Pickup grunts in his voice that were incorrectly placed in x_voice by Raven. All the grunts in both the playable and NPC versions have been replaced by a full set that are all completely in his voice, taken from the NPC version, the Pickup grunts from x_voice, and from his NPC conversation lines.
*The following powers use their XML1 Retail power sounds: Flame Stream, Firewall, Wildfire
*Fire Bats uses one of Pyro's XML1 Prototype power sounds for the charge sound and Fire Bats's XML1 Retail power and impact sounds.
*Rings of Fire uses the Living Flame's XML1 Retail power sound.
*Pyrotechnics uses one of Pyro's XML1 Prototype power sounds.
*Vulcanus uses one of Human Torch's MUA2 PC power sounds.
*For Pyromaniac, I combined one of Pyro's XML1 Prototype power sounds and one of Human Torch's MUA2 PC power sounds.
*Living Flame uses one of Pyro's XML1 Prototype power sounds and one of Human Torch's MUA2 PC power sounds.

*He now uses his XML1 skeleton.
-In XML2, all his animations except for his idle and menu animations are the same as Sunfire. His XML1 skeleton has the same idle as XML2 and no menu animations, but all the rest of the animations are unique to Pyro's XML1 skeleton.
*Pyro uses the villain fightstyle in XML1, which playable character can't use in XML2, so I've left him with the hero fightstyle he had by default in XML2.
*I've completely started over using his XML1 Prototype and Retail powers as a starting point.
*I've also completely redone his power requirements.
*In all cases where I used XML1 Prototype and Retail powers, I've recoded them to work properly in XML2 and to streamline the coding.
-I've also rebalanced all of them as well.
*He starts with 10% resistance to Elemental rather than 5% like the XML2 version and he now starts with 5% resistance to Fire.
*In both the Retail and Prototype versions of XML1, none of his powers burn enemies, so I've made them all do it, except for Pyrotechnics because it wasn't possible in that case.
*I added Flame Stream from XML1 Retail.
-The name is the XML1 Prototype internal name for this power.
*Added the XML1 Gladiator version of Flame Stream, which functions differently from Flame Stream.
-I've renamed it to Vulcanus, because this power is used in XML1 by the Gladiator version of Pyro, who was originally supposed to be named Vulcan.
*Added the XML1 version of Fire Bats, which works differently than the XML2 version.
-The bats properly come out of where his hands are, unlike both versions of XML1.
-It now does knockback, like it does in the XML1 Prototype.
-It levels up to increase the number of bats like it does in XML2.
*I added the version of Ring of Fire from the XML1 Prototype.
-I've renamed it to Rings of Fire because there are multiple rings.
-This is because the ring is coded to expand in a better way, it works better with the superior XML1 Prototype Ring of Fire effects, and it's just better thought out and better coded in general.
-I've redone the knockback amounts to progress in the same way the power's range does, rather than them progressing in reverse.
-I've had it use the animation it does in XML1 Retail because I felt it fit better.
*Flame Shield is pretty much the same in the XML1 Prototype as in XML2, whereas in XML1 Retail, it doesn't damage anyone who comes near, unlike the other 2 versions. Because of this, I've used the XML2 version.
-I've renamed it to Firewall and rewritten the description.
-I've rebalanced it, changed how many levels it has, and made it unlock at an earlier level.
*Added his XML1 Retail Xtreme Column of Fire, which I've renamed to Wildfire because there's an Xtreme callout line for that in XML2. However, I did make sure to mention the phrase "column of fire" in the description.
-I added a chance for a Deadly Strike onto it.
*Added his XML1 Retail Gladiator Xtreme Fire Demon2.
-I've renamed it to Living Flame.
-I've recoded this to work like Iceman's Sidekick and Magneto's Metallic Minion Xtremes because in XML1, this coding for this power just spawns Fire Demon NPCs.
*He still has his Fire Mastery and Flaming Combat passives.
-As is in the case in the Ultimate Patch, Fire Mastery has been renamed to Flame Mastery to fit the naming scheme of the other Mastery passives.
-His Flame Mastery passive now also increases his Fire resistance.
*I added a new power, Pyrotechnics, and a new boost, Pyromaniac

*Includes BaconWizard17's higher quality versions of Pyro's XML2 icons.
-These now appear in higher quality in the character select menu.
*Includes BaconWizard17's skins, huds, and 3D heads.
-The Gladiator skin has a burning effect on the skin, to match how the Gladiator loading screen looks and how Magma and Sunfire's similar AOA skins are handled.
*Includes my versions of his XML1 loading screens.
-I used a high quality version of the unused XML1 Pyro and Avalanche shared loading screen, which I AI Upscaled and denoised to improve its quality and edited and painted out Avalanche.
-I AI Upscaled and denoised the non-letterboxed XML1 Prototype version of his Gladiator loading screen.
*I made a new character select portrait based upon my afforementioned version of his loading screen.
*The XML2 NPC version of Pyro uses recolored versions of his XML1 Retail Flame Stream effects, so I've used those.
*Fire Bats only has a trail effect in XML1 Prototype (Not in XML1 Retail or XML2), so I've used that.
*Fire Bats uses one of this power's XML1 Prototype charge effects, which I've recolored. I've also used its XML1 Retail bat spawning effect and XML1 Prototype impact effect, both of which I've also recolored.
*Fire Bats uses the XML1 Prototype version of the bat model, because the textures are much higher quality.
-The PC version of the XML2 Ultimate Patch also has this change.
*Unlike his XML2 boost Flame Shield, Firewall doesn't have an aura effect on enemies burned by the boost. Since enemies already have that red filter over them by default when they're burning, I didn't see a reason to also have a flame aura effect on them too. Plus, it cuts down on the number of effects used.
*Vulcanus's effect is a different effect file from Flame Stream's in XML1 Retail, but the effect is identical, so Vulcanus uses one of Pyro's XML1 Prototype effects. In both the Retail and Prototype versions of XML1, it uses the same impact effect as Flame Stream, so it now uses Pyro's XML1 Prototype Flame Stream impact effect.
*Rings of Fire uses a recolored version of its XML1 Prototype effect.
-This is because the XML1 Retail effects are misleading. They look like a horizontal line in front of him, but it functions as a radial and will damage enemies that are on all sides of him and aren't hit by the effect. The XML1 Prototype effects are far better and don't mislead the player as to how this power works.
*Pyrotechnics uses a power effect I made, a recolored version of the XML2 Ultimate Patch version of Jean Grey's Mental Guardian charge effect that I also replaced a couple of the textures for to make it more different, an improved fire ball model made by BaconWizard17, the impact effect used for Flame Stream and Vulcanusand the trail effect I created that's also used for Flaming Combat.
*Firewall uses a recolored version of its XML1 Retail charge effect and an aura effect I created.
*Wildfire uses recolored versions of its XML1 Retail effects.
*Living Flame uses its skin from XML1, which I've hex edited.
*Living Flame uses a recolored version of its XML1 Retail charge effect and uses its XML1 Prototype spawn effect.
-Because the Living Flame minion itself has no aura effect, I used the one that Pyro's Gladiator skin uses.
*I created a new trail effect for Flaming Combat.
*Pyromaniac uses an effect I created.

*Includes packages by BaconWizard17 for every skin that allow for unique huds and 3D heads for each skin.
-I've modified these to remove an unneeded effect model.

*Bonus Character Select Portrait:
-Gladiator: A character select portrait based upon my version of his Gladiator loading screen.
*Bonus Loading Screen:
-Unused XML1 Pyro and Avalanche: I used a high quality version of the unused XML1 Pyro and Avalanche shared loading screen, which I AI Upscaled and denoised to improve its quality.

Skin List:
-Skin: XML2 Modern (11401)
-Skin_Astonishing: 90s (11402)
-Skin_AOA: AOA (11403)
-Skin_60s: Original (11404)
-Skin_70s: Freedom Force (11405)
-Skin_WeaponX: Classic (11406)
-Skin_Future: Ultimate (11407)
-Skin_Winter: Gladiator (11408)
-Skin_Civilian: Modern Unmasked (11409)

*BaconWizard17: skins, huds, 3D heads, icons, packages, burning effect used for Gladiator skin, fire ball model
*Cohollow: XML2 Ultimate Patch version of Jean Grey's Mental Guardian charge effect

-Removed burning part from Pyromaniac.
-Rebalanced multiple powers.
-Made Pyromaniac's levelup info more clear.