Captain America Super Soldier PS3 Audio

Started by Enigma, March 14, 2024, 03:43PM

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:capamer: Captain America Super Soldier PS3 Audio v1.0 :capamer:

Credit me if you use any of this!

**This is all the audio from the PS3 version of Captain America Super Soldier.
*The various different Hydra villains were pretty much impossible to tell apart, especially since the same actors play multiple different types. I've done the best I could and included all I couldn't figure out all in 1 folder.
*The Unknown American Characters folder contains the audio of characters with American accents that I couldn't tell apart due to them all sounding so similar.
*I was only able to figure out which grunts were Captain America's, Madame Hydra's, and Iron Cross's. The rest are all in the same folder.

Voice Actor Credits:

    Chris Evans        ...    Captain America
    Sebastian Stan        ...    Bucky Barnes
    Hayley Atwell        ...    Peggy Carter
    Neal McDonough        ...    Dum Dum Dugan
    Kenneth Choi        ...    Jim Morita
    JJ Field        ...    James Montgomery Falsworth
    Liam O'Brien        ...    Howard Stark / Allied Forces / HYDRA Soldier
    Steve Blum        ...    Baron Heinrich Zemo / Allied Forces
    Audrey Wasilewski    ...    Madame Hydra
    Keith Ferguson        ...    Red Skull
    Kai Wulff        ...    Baron Wolfgang von Strucker / HYDRA Soldier
    AndrĂ© Sogliuzzo    ...    Armin Zola
    Michael Donovan    ...    Iron Cross / Allied Forces / HYDRA Soldier
    Grant George        ...    Scorcher / HYDRA Soldier
    Nicholas Guest        ...    HYDRA Soldier
    Ben Diskin        ...    Allied Forces
    Jim Pirri        ...    Allied Forces / HYDRA Soldier
    William Salyers    ...    HYDRA Soldier
    Eliza Schneider    ...    HYDRA Soldier
    Steve Braun        ...    Allied Forces / HYDRA Soldier
    Zach Hanks        ...    HYDRA Soldier
    Robert Scheid        ...    HYDRA Soldier
    Ed Schaff        ...    HYDRA Soldier