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Started by SuperMaster10, June 01, 2024, 08:21AM

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Ever wanted a full image to appear on the screen?
After looking into a screen flash effect, I thought...what if? And after some experimenting I found it's possible!

I have included a base effect file that you can simply insert any texture to but there are some things I should go over.
Before I do that though, please credit me if you use this base!

You can get it here!:

Now with that out of the way...let me break it down.

1. Image Prerequisities:
I recommend approaching the texture created for this method just like how you approach to Loadscreens. 1920 x 1080 in png format, then turned into igb.
Grab Image 2 IGB tool from here and follow the instructions if you don't know how to do that:,10969.msg200476.html#msg200476  shoutouts to nikita488 & ak2yny!
Depending on how you want to use it, you could also make it a smaller image centered or just a use a smaller image, remember that black is transparent!
I haven't tested with smaller textures but considering it will proudly display on the screen I think it should be HD. I don't know how the results will be on a screen bigger than 1080p or on ultrawide, though.

2. General Settings & Transparency:
Obviously just change the location and texture name as needed in the "texture = " part of the effect file. I recommend using QBPack or raven-formats for this personally but XMLBCUI will also do the job.
As you can see in motion, it slightly moves "forward" and shrinks before disappearing, I haven't found a way to be able to stop this as "orient = forward" being there doesn't seem to actually affect it, I tried changing it's setting, use orientaxis with different values or remove it altogether but it did not make a difference. I assume it's handled by spawnflags then, which exceeds my expertise.
life and looptime obviously controls how fast or slow it comes and goes, you can adjust these as you wish.
There's the big one then, transparency. By default I set all alphas to "1 1 1 1 1 1" this seems to be a good idea and doesn't affect transparent ones. However as you might see in the "PREVIEWS" folder: different settings for "blend" gives different results:
"blend = additive" is half-transparent, "blend = alpha" is almost completely solid (still very slightly transparent), "blend = alphaadditive" just makes the transparency and clarity worse so I recommend avoiding that and finally "blend = subtractive" gives you that...evil look lol
You could also mess with the colors and see what happens, I personally didn't try this.
Ultimately, you should check this:,10923.0.html and adjust and experiment with the settings as you desire.

Now, what could we do with this? So many things! If you've ever seen how sometimes MUGEN creators use this to insert footage into joke characters, you probably already got some ideas...
We could...make an artwork of a character pop-up like a Hyper Combo in MVC or MUGEN.
Make the Bat-signal popup for Batman.
Have the "Fatality" logo appear for MK characters.
Maybe use it to imply an off-screen character better.
Or just insert a stupid meme!
Possiblities are endlesss! Ultimately it gives us even more ways to get creative with the creators and use this to up the presentation, increase the immersion and just convey even more things.
SuperMaster10 - The Image on Screen Base
Outsider - Original screen flash effect from Cassie Cage

Check out my Master's Workshop here!:,11428.0.html