Spider-Man Edge of Time Assets and Identity Crisis DLC Assets

Started by Enigma, December 16, 2021, 09:02PM

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Spider-Man Edge of Time Assets


(Please credit me if you use these)

***This release contains the following assets from Spider-Man Edge of Time, which I've ripped and sorted:
*In-game audio, all cutscene audio, music, ambience, sound effects, the Thank You image, the PS3 disc wallpaper, PS3 Trophy Icons, and some concept art from an artist's portfolio.
*It appears that at least some of the in-game cutscenes' audio didn't get ripped. I also can't be sure all the grunts, voiced lines, music, sound effects, and ambience are here either. There were a number of silent audio files (that I didn't include) that maybe have been these but something prevented them from coming out right. There's nothing I can do about that. But there's still a ton of audio here.
*However, I already ripped and released the DS version of Edge of Time separately in my Spider-Man DS Games Audio Files release, and I was able to get the in-game cutscene audio for that and does feature characters that only speak in the in-game cutscenes (Walker Sloan, Doc Ock, and Mary Jane). All the audio is in DS version and PS3 version are different from each other, as far as I know.

**Isolated Cutscene Dialogue:
*Contains no music or sound effects, just the clean dialogue and grunts. Where is what's in each cutscene:
-Cutscene 1: Spider-Man 2099 (lines and grunts)
-Cutscene 2: Spider-Man 2099 (lines and grunts), Spider-Man Amazing (lines), J. Jonah Jameson (lines), Mary Jane (lines)
-Cutscene 3: Spider-Man Amazing (lines and grunts), Anti-Venom (grunts), Spider-Man 2099 (lines)
-Cutscene 4: Anti-Venom (lines and grunts), Walker Sloan (lines), Doc Ock (lines and grunts)
-Cutscene 5: Spider-Man 2099 (lines and grunts), Spider-Man Amazing (lines and grunts)
-Cutscene 6: Spider-Man 2099 (lines), Spider-Man Amazing (lines), Spider-Man Evil CEO (lines)
-Cutscene 7: Atrocity (grunts), Spider-Man Amazing (lines), Spider-Man Evil CEO (lines and grunts), Spider-Man 2099 (lines)
-Cutscene 8: Spider-Man 2099 (lines with voice effect filter over them), Spider-Man Amazing (lines)
-Credits: Spider-Man 2009 (lines with voice effect filter over them), Spider-Man Amazing (lines with voice effect filter over them)

**I've separated out the lines that were only grunts but there are more grunts included in some of their lines and in the cutscene audio.
*Some grunts I couldn't tell if they were for Atrocity or Anti-Venom, so I've sorted them as such.
*If there aren't enough grunts, these actors have all been in other video games where they do have grunts, even Katee Sackhoff.

**The following characters only have audio in the cutscenes: Doc Ock, J. Jonah Jameson, Mary Jane, Walker Sloan

Voice Actor Credits:

   Josh Keaton          ...    Spider-Man Amazing / Spider-Man Evil CEO
   Christopher Daniel Barnes    ...     Spider-Man 2099
   Steve Blum          ...    Anti-Venom
   Katee Sackhoff          ...    Black Cat
   Fred Tatasciore       ...    J. Jonah Jameson / Atrocity
   Laura Vandervoort       ...    Mary Jane Watson
   Val Kilmer          ...    Walker Sloan
   Dave B. Mitchell       ...    Doctor Octopus / Additional Voices

   Carlos Alazraqui    ...    (voice)
   Greg Berger    ...    (voice)
   Jim Cummings    ...    (voice)
   Curtis A. Koller    ...    (voice)
   Matt Nolan    ...    Alchemax (voice)
   Nolan North    ...    (voice)
   Khary Payton    ...    (voice)
   David Anthony Pizzuto    ...    (voice)
   AndrĂ© Sogliuzzo    ...    (voice)
   Tara Strong    ...    Menace (voice)
   Keith Szarabajka    ...    (voice)
   James Arnold Taylor    ...    (voice)
   Kari Wahlgren    ...    (voice)
   Ron Yuan    ...    Additional Voices

*JacktheRipper: technical information and assistance

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Spider-Man Edge of Time Identity Crisis DLC Assets v2.0:


These are all the assets included in the Spider-Man Edge of Time Identity Crisis DLC for PS3.

This was never released on PSN or Xbox Live for purchase, and so was always pretty hard to find, so since I stumbled across this, I extracted all the assets from it.
There are icons, textures, and models for the following Spider-Man costumes:
Husk, Hornet, Prodigy, and Ricochet.
There are also a few assets from the main game that appear to have been included in the DLC.
I've converted the 4 models to .obj format.

Do whatever you want with it as long as you credit me.

-Converted models to .obj format.