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Started by Teancum, January 07, 2008, 08:47AM

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Yeah, I'm working on fixing it, but it's not a priority right now.

Psylocke was called out in the menu in my game. So was beast. Dunno about Emma. Psylocke doesn't seem to have a voice, though.

I was wondering if anyone was still working on this project?

Yes, but life is super busy right now.  Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about ya.

I could try to fix it, but everytime I try to open the files, an error appears.
I'll try again in another pc....

Post a screenshot of the error.

This is the error:

It always happens...

Hmm, does that just happen with x_voice or any sound file?

only with the x_voice file...

maybe because it's too big...

Yeah, my last machine could barely open it.  2ghz, 768mb ram.

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I was able to open the backup x_voice.zss file and I downloaded beast, jubilee, psylocke and emma frost voices sounds from some MUA MODS. All I need now is the announcer and the break sounds to compile them to the x_voice for XML2. And I need to know how to add files to the x_voice.zss file, because it's totally different from MUA...

Does anyone know any command we can change for the voices sounds work just like in MUA (ex.: [character]_v.zss)?

It's all documented in the Knowledge Base.  The only difference is that you have to manually create each and every hash for every sound in x_voice withe F3 button.  That's why I haven't done it yet.  It takes ages and ages and ages to do in XML2.

teancum, send me the announcer and breaks wav files from psylocke, emma, beast, jubilee and angel, please?

thanks in advance

I just can't understand what I have to do to add new sound and make them work!
I've already read this discussion thousands of times:

I want to help, but I need instructions more simple to do it...

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im also having trouble adding the voices to the x_voice, so far ive only been able to add and change the name for menu callouts (they work) but other sounds dont seem to want to play. i get that we manually have to enter the hashes using F3 and then replacing the current hash with the new one.

ive done these:

but they dont result in in-game sounds (and yes the chracters already have the soundir as jubile_m, psyloc_m, magma_m) i'll keep looking to see if i can fix this, maybe im missing or misunderstandign something

edit: btw i did get power sounds to work, so at least thats a good thing.
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