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Started by Noelemahc, January 23, 2007, 03:38AM

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Hey guys i found out i was doing it wrong and i heve the wright ones,it was just that i had to listen blaw on putting than 1 offset in the skinner lol,thx anyway
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can anyone find the offsets for blizz's avalanche? I wanted to reskin him.
Though, i cant ask him because hes been inactive for sometime.

Is there a post were i can find the offsets from MUA PC-PS2 but organized, like XML2 Offsets???

Organized. No. You have to get into each topic and use the search function (try the skin number, otherwise name of the character's skin like Colossus or something).

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nevermind, finally figured it out.  Here are the offsets for the body portion of Invisible Woman's Heroes Reborn costume (2203.igb)


2203.igb DXT1 1024 1024 888508 512 512 1412796 256 256 3753668 128 128 611420 64 64 363340 32 32 620660 16 16 365388 .
2203.igb DXT1 1024 1024 2703036 512 512 3229380 256 256 1543868 128 128 291076 64 64 336196 32 32 338244 16 16 365516 .
*bump map
2203.igb DXT3 1024 1024 1576636 512 512 3360452 256 256 2625228 128 128 338764 64 64 2690748 32 32 619612 16 16 621900 .

Hey guys,i have a hard time finding the right 16x16 offset of hank pym(but i found out there is one)
Can someone help me?
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yey, my first offsets ever found:

Storm - Astonishing

0401.igb DXT1 1024 1024 1023506 512 512 445962 256 256 989202 128 128 341522 64 64 316306 32 32 1578786
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:doom: Classic Doom:

Doom's cloak has separate maps (or at least there are some that look very cloaky-like):

No specular on the cloak (if there is, i couldn't find it), nor textures bigger than 128x128.
And couldn't find 8x8 maps if my life depended on it...

Since this are my first offsets, if someone could check if they're alright it would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone have the pc Classic Cyclops?
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Who can lay out offset the archangel? In advance thanks!

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Does anyone have the offset:
Venom Bulky Model (ex. Thunderbolts or Ultimate (iammingy))
Ultimate Colossus
Fantastic Four First Costume in the game:
-Ultimate Mr. Fantastic (Head)
-Ultimate Invisible Woman
-Ultimate Human Torch
-Modern Thing

It gives me a headache to finding an offsets
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Does anybody know what are the offsets of the UltimateVeNoM's Iron Man movie skin?
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I've searched this thread and found offsets for magneto.igb, which file does that refer to?
Also, are there offsets available for Magneto's helmet? Is it a bolton? I'm hoping to edit it and use it on a new skin (which all depends if Magneto's helmet is a bolton...)

Quote from: piutebob on July 28, 2009, 01:45PM
Yesterday I decided actually to see if I was doing it right, so I started looking for them...
At this point, in your tut, Blaw, what do you mean:That I put in 1024 in width and shift and so on and then read the offset?
when i do that the offest just says 1024 when i put in 1024 as shift and width ?