Shard/Longshot/Polaris/X23/Shadowcat/Angel/Banshee/Domino Mods Released

Started by Norrin Radd, January 21, 2008, 05:32PM

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Your game was probably in Easy/Normal mode, the "constraints" in these modes blocked the ones I showed. Try Hard mode, you should see it.

you're right there some mistakes, i updated the mod with a new talent file (version 1.1)

thanks for pointing it out :thumbsup:, i wouldnt have noticed since i never play on hard

Man Norrin... This is awesome! Thanks alot buddy.  :silvers:

I didn't even notice the mistake.. Well updated it, played it WHILE testing skins (that's why skinning is fun sometimes hehe).. Works like a charm great job!!

i updated the mod with 3 more skins, now there are 5 skins to choose from in all
the only thing to note is that the 5th skin doesnt have passives

see first post for download link

The mod has an error for me wgen using the "Future Blasts" talent. It shows a red semi transparent square in front of the gun (so its some sort of texture/alpha bug).
(Using a Geforce 6800 GT, everything on full details besides shadows which are at the lowest setting, no AA or Anisotropic filtering).

thanks for letting me know, here are the textures called in the effect files for that move:
default, /nextgen/distort_mask1, /nextgen/distort_ring1, /nextgen/fireline1, l_graystreak, glow, misc_hitflash

maybe you can check to make sure you have them, they should be in your /textures/ folder

also, does Nick Fury's similar gun move work for you? because some of the same textures are called in both

no pics...

I don't see it in my game, but I think it's the same problem other people had with Toxin when I had this red effects:

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is there any way to fix it, or is it just a video card problem

ok thanks

Well, Magneto came with a solution for my mod:

Quote from: Magneto on January 05, 2008, 03:56PM
i've deleted P3_fail.xmlb and "blade ballet" works perfectly with its nice effects and no big ugly red square.

and it worked for him. I don't see how that separate unrelated effect would affect the red effects... Since I have never been able to spot it, I have no way to fix it myself. I have tried turning on all settings, but I still don't see it.... @_@

January 27, 2008, 02:14PM #27 Last Edit: January 27, 2008, 02:16PM by Magneto
i think that the red square is a wrongly made distortion effect, but i'm not sure
to fix it:
-find the xmlb file that generates that effect
-backup it, decompile it and delete the various sections one by one to find the red square
-try to fix it or remove it

p.s. The same thing happened to me while trying to add a distortion effect to silver surfer's radial attack: it's colored instead of transparent, and i just can't make it transparent

p.p.s. i dont know why deleting an unrelated effect fixed blade ballet, but that's what happened.

Nick Fury works fine for me.
But Toxin also showed the error with the Blade Ballet (was fixed by some suggestion here). So it is probably related somehow. I also have the error is some other mods (the only one I remember right now is Rhino).

If you can specify a bit closer which files I should try to modify I can give it a shot.

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Just wanted to let everyone know a soundset is currently being worked on.  She'll be voiced by Vanessa Marshall (Jan Ors from Star Wars: Jedi Outcast).