New Skins and Stuff: British Psylocke

Started by shafcrawler, January 28, 2008, 04:08AM

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Oh it looks awesome shaf!! Well, when you were not busy,you could do loadscreens for Callisto,Arclight,Lady Mastermind and Shaman too ( all my mods :P, btw I really like Omega Sentinel one, I'll be uploading the mod with it when I have time), thanks ;)

Lady Mastermind is already done. ;)
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Yeah, lady mastermind is done. Like i said, there's a lot of them coming!

maybe u can try making storm's x-me evolution skin :D
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I'm already working on kitty's evolution skin, so i guess i can add storm to the list!

Quote from: shafcrawler on May 14, 2009, 04:01AM
I'm already working on kitty's evolution skin, so i guess i can add storm to the list!

OMG THANK U!! if u can be bothered to really do this request thanks a lot but its ok if not but it would mean like a mega lot if u do woot :D
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Okay, so while Mediafire's glitching out on me (in that it's denying my uploads!) I've decided to give you guys a preview of the latest loadscreen I just finished: Dazzler

Also, I am most likely going to create a new thread for my loadscreen releases from my skin releases thread, so that I can keep track of things. Expect the rest of the loadscreens to pop up here soon! And don't forget to comment!

they keep getting better and better!
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Perfect!!! REally great job ,all the loadscreens are just amazing :D

Dazzler is AMAZING! I honestly cannot describe how much I LOVE your loadscreens. Awesome work.

WOW. O_o
That's frickin' AMAZING! xD
Layla Miller is love.

Totally awesome. I think everyone's already said everything that could describe it lol.

This makes me want to download her mod.
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You should, lol.

Is it allowed to make a request for a loadscreen in this topic? If so, is it possible to do a Daken & a Prowler loadingscreen? Because I'm a fan of your work! (Give your exams top-priority :P)