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Started by DJay Saint, January 07, 2009, 01:24AM

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Hello everyone.  It's been quite a long time since I have been here...  like a year or two?  Wow, lol...  I remember I was doing a ton of modding for MUA, had a bunch of projects in the works, then real life kind of took over.  Eventually my attention just focused on something else and everything I was doing for MUA kind of got lost.  I still have all of my old projects and files somewhere on one of my external hard drives.  It's been so long since I've messed with this stuff I have to see if I even remember how anymore...  and there is so much stuff to catch up on, I don't think I'll have time to read through everything since I've been gone.  That's like a year or two worth of stuff.  But anyway, it's good to be back.  I can't guarantee full time modding like I have in the past, but I do have some unfinished business I would like to take care of.

I don't suppose it's too much to ask a couple quick questions though?

1.  Did anyone ever figure out how to make new sound files for MUA/XML?  I remember me, noel, and blizz were working on it ages ago and never cracked it before I left.  Has any progress been made on this front?

2.  It looks like that xml -> xml2 project me and blizz started a while back took off a bit, and tean has a thread up for xml -> mua, which is also another project I was founding lol.  Has anyone ever figured out how to get Rogue's power theft working in MUA by now?  That was like the last thing I could never figure out for my Rogue mod I made a long time ago.... which by the way, I DID get those models done.  I just never skinned them.  However, my license for 3d max has expired so I'll have to figure something out for that.

3.  Another thing I was working on with blizz and a couple others a long time ago was breaking the inherent character limit in the XML2 and MUA game engines.  Is this an obstacle that has been overcome as well?  I would hope after all this time a solution was finally figured out.

Most of my free time is still occupied by Final Fantasy XI online, which is where I've been and modding for the past year+.  But I'll start getting back in to MUA again.  It'll take some time to get back in the swing of things.  But for now, it's just good to be back again.  Besides, I've still yet to release my Witchblade mod :O!
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Welcome back, I joined in your absence but I've read your posts. Hopefully I can answer your questions.

1) Yes. I've used sounds from Neverwinter Nights in a few of my mods and Shafcrawler has used his own voice in some of his.

2) Rogue's Power Theft still doesn't work, sadly. It's something to do with missing handlers.

3) The character limit is defined in the .exe, or something, and it can't be changed. I'm not too sure on the details about this.
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oh wow, good to see you back

3) i think this is were its discussed why more cannot be added
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Quote from: Burning Rage on January 07, 2009, 01:24AM
2.  It looks like that xml -> xml2 project me and blizz started a while back took off a bit, and tean has a thread up for xml -> mua, which is also another project I was founding lol. 

Take a look in the super-secret area of the site -- we've got some progress on that mod.

great to see you back ummm...hear you,,know your,back yeah its been a long time
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Welcome, I don't know you, but Welcome :D