Official Characters -- Beta v3 RELEASED (Mar 21, 2008)

Started by Teancum, March 21, 2008, 05:55AM

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Is it make Nightcrawler AoA never have a 4 swords.

No. It's to prevent Kurt's swords from occasionally popping in his hands during regular melee moves. Unless the Sword Combat boost is utilized.

If you use the herostat entry on page 10, AoA shouldn't have 4 swords.

Are you guys downloading fine using ?
The download doesn't start to me!!!
Is there another mirror?


Hi everybody, I just got the mod, when installing it goes all the way up to 99% and then I get a message saying "could not unpack Heroselect.exe and CharacterSelect.exe"

And I start MUA and everything's just normal. Any solutions on that?

I'm currently redownloading the mod, by the way.

Alright. Redownloaded it and works just fine. However I started with the original team, then I was able to change my heroes from the SHIELD Extraction Point.

Oh! A little question: Do I have to unlock the heroes I don't have (e.g.: Blade, Black Panther, etc.) normally? Or is there a way to get my team complete at once?

You can enter the cheat code or just unlock them normally.

What is the cheat code to unlock them? Oh and one last question: About the Simulator missions, the comics and etc., again must I unlock them normally as well?

Thanks! I've unlocked everything.

The only bad thing is setting up the team on HeroSelect is a little difficult (hard to memorize the position numbers, but anyways I'll sort that out.

Congratulations on this beautiful job!

Blizz posted this pic a long time ago, it's what I use whenever I change my roster.

Quote from: BliZZ on July 17, 2007, 09:53AM
I'll get you one, just gimme a little while (no 26 or 99, though :))

EDIT: Here you go:

Yeah, 20 is Fury's spot. I have Nightcrawler there and am using that mannequin....

hmm hmm is there a new release date for the offcial characters ???