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Started by Peyo, May 09, 2008, 07:54PM

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is there anyway to extract the files of psp version of mua?

Noelemahc is the master of that, I think.
xdisciplex should also know quite a bit as well.

First you need to have your PSP setup where you can dump your files off your UMD onto your PC (Some homebrew versions have it built in the menus to dump automatically when selected).  Then you open it with a program, such as UMDGen.  Then you can read the files in the UMD dump data, select what you want to explore (example assetsfb to change character skins, moves, etc) and extract it.  Open the extracted file, usually with Winrar to then extract individual files once again to either edit via notepad or to hex edit, all depends on what you're wanting to do with what files.

Hope that helps.

thanks xdisciplex but none of this files aren't compatible with the pc version?

Quote from: Peyo on May 10, 2008, 06:24AM
thanks xdisciplex but none of this files aren't compatible with the pc version?

The animations are compatible with the PC version of MUA, but you need to rip them from the FB files first. The skins and other graphical stuff will crash the game.

its possible to add any skins from the pc version to the psp?
it would be cool if i could add the deadpool hud fix to the psp

Noelemahc is working on doing all those updates for the PSP.  He's the only one who knows how to do skins for the PSP, but PS2 models and textures (not animations) will work on the PSP with no modifications.

From what he's said it looks like he's going to do the next-gen mod for PSP.  Colossus, Moon Knight and bugfixes (like Deadpool's HUD)

thanks I'll just wait for it to be finished cause i tried to do it with the hex editor and i failed doing so

one question: I used the UMD Gen and the WinRar but in the actors folder when I opened it it only appeared 2 skins that were of test..., so do you have to modify the packages/generated folder?

You have to build the FBs.  Check out the fbbuilder and Modding Rundown: FBs topics in this forum.  The Xbox, PSP and PS2 work differently than the PC.

and how do you put all the files as an ISO again?with the UMD Gen?

Yes, the PSP mod comes with instructions inside the download.

but when you have to save the files, how do you save it?as an ISO or as a CSO?
because I saved it as a CSO but when I transfer it to the PSP it appears that is damaged

You need to use the original disc to create the CSO, not a torrented rip of the game.