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Started by jonchang, July 25, 2008, 03:31AM

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This is the thread to post the official stuff released from Activision. A majority of this comes through the trailers released by them.


Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS (according to Wikipedia)

TRAILERS ----> Originally posted by Gevth in this thread. ----> Originally posted by Teancum in this thread.


Captain America
Iron Man
Mr. Fantastic
Human Torch
Invisible Woman
Green Goblin
Luke Cage


I have posted the descriptions of the Fusions in white text (spoiler text, as I like to call them) directly after the combinations. So far, we have:

Invisible Woman and Iron Man (from trailer):

IW creates a telekinetic field in which Iron Man overloads with his laser, creating an effective bright bomb.

Spider-Man and Iron Man (trailer):

Spidey grabs hold of as many enemies with his weblines, and brings them together, all trapped, right in the path of Iron Man's destructive repulsor beam

Daredevil and Iron Man (Phillip's link):

Twirling on the floor whilst whipping the enemies around him in a radius, Daredevil sends them all airborne. Iron Man hovers overhead and blasts back down enemies that DD sends up to him

Hulk and Wolverine/Daredevil (from trailer/link):

Hulk spins around with Wolverine in his grasp to gain momentum, and unleashes him in a perfect fastball special strike.

Human Torch/Iron Man and Thing/Hulk (trailer/link):

Thing rips a piece of the ground, in which Torch ignites. Still in his hands, Thing leaps up and hurls the superheated fragment down, creating a destructive explosion, which knocks every adversary off their feet

Invisible Woman and Hulk (link):

The "Hamster Ball" (excuse the editorial laugh) :laugh: . IW surrounds Hulk in a protective encapsulement, as he rampages around the map crushing enemies under his weight.


The Havok physics engine is going to be used more, making more interactive environments. (for example, when Thing hurled the forklift, it broke apart, and those parts could be used as weapons)

The conversations can change how the missions will be carried out. Players can choose to use an aggressive, defensive, or diplomatic dialogue.

Camera controls are also going to be changed. The camera will be more fluid, and during one mission, the camera pans out to view the entire city street.

LINKS (full site to come soon!)

If anyone else has additional new information posted, please kindly post it in this thread.

And most importantly:

Please post only officially announced stuff here.

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Game Informer scans:

Found by Philip in

Notice how the fusions from the Hulk and Wolverine are the same as the Hulk and Daredevil one in the scans. The same applies to the Human Torch and Thing one with the Iron Man and Hulk in the scan.
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i think that wolvie/hulk and dd/hulk will be same as colosus/wolvie and dd/collosus

EDIT(responding to below post):ok, your right, sorry :).
Icons made by me(i could only pick the best b/c of ltr limit):

Yes. Unfortunately this thread is for official news, and Colossus hasn't yet made the official roster, and I would appreciate official stuff to be posted here exclusively. Sorry if I may sound harsh, but I would not like thoughts to clutter this thread.Thank you for understanding. :)

You cant get more official than the official site!

The MUA2 site is up!

Wow, combining powers just almost just liked Spider-Man FoF game,
but different.

As I said previously before, please keep it to official stuff, Cosmic.

Thanks for the collection of info everyone .
Does anyone reckon they will have a vip kinda thing like last time ?

Here's an article that hasn't been brought up before. It's most important features:

-Brief description of the Main Menu.
-Confirmation that both Cable and Bishop will appear, but not a word on wether they'll be playable or not.
-Characters move lips when talking, and not only in cinematics.
-Invisible Woman-Daredevil fusion description: Invisible Woman created a force-field bubble that captured a group of enemies in a small globe, and Daredevil quickly incapacitated them with a variety of kicks and punches.
-Every pair of characters will have a Fusion power

My thoughts:
I believe both Cable and Bishop will be NPCs.
I've mentioned this before, but now it's confirmed that any 2 characters will have a Fusion power, I think this explains the low ammount of characters compared to what everyone expected:
24 characters means 276 fusion; 25 (original next-gen roster) = 300; 33 (Gold Edition Roster) = 528 ; 45 (what we dreamt) = 990.
It seems that Civil War thing is much more important than what I originally thought. Not sure I like this, I would've rather have a more traditional hero vs. villain story. Oh, well, hope it delivers anyway.

Yeah, but remember that thus far they're reusing a lot of fusions:

Hulk + Wolverine/Daredevil = Fastball Special
Thing + Human Torch/Iron Man = Heat rock and throw it

In the end I'd bet there's only about 150-200 unique fusions at best.  And while they're cool, so far they just don't seem cool enough to be worth the effort.

On this site  the boxcover with clearly the Punisher and the Black Panther on the Cover.
Further Spidey, Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, Venom, the Hulk and in the down left corner Captain America or is that someone else ?(hawkeye?)

Wow, that's pretty much the ugliest fan art I've ever seen.

I'm so pissed there's no PC version....

2 bad....


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From gamefaqs forums  (

Quote from:

in the article, it confirms that aspects of Civil War will be used. It reconfirms Green Goblin and Venom as playable. It also states a team is sent to stop 'former buddy' Cable from uploading sensitive material date. Enroute to stop Cable, the team fights a mini-boss - the mighty Hercules!! it also confirms that the fusion moves will be repetitive - Hulk can toss Daredevil as a fastball special (just like Hulk can do it to Wolverine)

Follow the link, friends! Enjoy at least a little bit of news from the long draught!!

call me- 'the guy that advised Tarkin to evacuate before the Death Star blew up."

The new info:
-Hercules is a mini-boss

Additionally, there's a new enemy in the center of the next picture I haven't seen before: