PS3/360 (Vicarious Visions' version) talk and Official News [renamed]

Started by jonchang, July 25, 2008, 03:31AM

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Yep, that's Spidey all right.  Dunno how you got Phoenix from that.

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we have a new playable ironfist sorry didn't see teancums post :banghead:
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This more than makes up for Songbird!
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SWEET! he looks awsome! and his firey circle of doom thing looks AMAZING! now im even more excited to get this game!  :ifist:

he does huh

I gotta be honest.  I'm still not impressed with the game.  It's all effect-based.  Show me variety.  I want to see the melee combos, or some guy getting head-butted by Luke Cage.  Something like that.

I won't be happy unless Jean Grey, Punisher, Gambit, Ms. Marvel, and Psylocke are confirmed. And Cyclops. However I can live without all of them except for Jean Grey who I desperately need. War Machine wouldn't be bad either.

Pshhh i agree with marvelfan12345  :phoenix:

War Machine is already in, at least as a NPC.  He's seen in a trailer. 

For me I gotta have Gambit, Deadpool, Punisher, Namor and Vision.  I know there'll be at least a few X-Men, but for the most part I want variety.

everything's good if they make 30 playables and 2 dlc packs 1st pack 8 additional characters(no npc's and villains in game) and 2nd pack 2 new stage/map with mini boss and bosses and icing on the cake is having the game available for pc :idea:
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I was reading in this Brazilian website the confirmed roster:

apparently there will be 24 playable characters, 17 confirmed:

1. Captain America
2. Daredevil
3. Electro
4. Hulk
5. Human Torch
6. Iron Fist
7. Ironman
8. Invisible Woman
9. Lucia von Bardas
10. Luke Cage
11. Mr. Fantastic
12. Songbird
13. Spider-Man
14. Storm
15. Thing
16. Thor
17. Wolverine

1. Bishop
2. Black Widow
3. Cable
4. Green Goblin
5. Hercules
6. Maria Hill
7. Multiple-Man
8. Nick Fury
9. She-Hulk
10. Venom
11. War Machine

Seriously? Lucia von Bardas? This character is so obscure that comicvine hasn't got any info or pics of her. If this is true it's truly ridiculous.

I'm gonna miss Black Widow, and I wish She-Hulk was playable. =/
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All the sources I've read say Lucia is one of the villains, and that's been more than one source.  I'd say they're taking the Wikipedia entry and making guesses.  They didn't even cite where they got the information from.  I call BS.

I hope so
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