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Started by MonitorAccess, July 27, 2008, 11:54AM

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Is it possible to add in as #26 and #27 characters such as Scarlet Witch and Vision?

Is it possible to re-skin some of the default characters?

You'll need to convert them yourself though, I think (or is that only for XBox and PSP?). I believe Moon Knight and Colossus are only available for PS2.
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It is likely that you'll find what you need by searching the forum.

As long as all PS2 models and textures are used on a mod they have the possibility of being converted.  But typically speaking somewhere in there a PC or Xbox texture (usually for an effect) is used, if not more than one, making it tougher to convert.

The other issue is that sounds can't be done on the PS2, so new characters would have to do without.

Thank you for the information.

First I'm gonna make sure I can get the next-gen mod to work.....I had to purchase a license for UltraISO and I am still waiting on that to burn my first attempt...after I get that working I'll start looking more into possibly adding Vision and Scarlet Witch...I have XL2 for the I should be able to get all textures and such from there that I need.

I can live without sound on those two if I must.

I sure wish my PC was up to running the game as the multitude of mods I have seen here for the PC are outstanding!  I need a new motherboard so I can get a video card that can play the game...unfortunately all I have on this PC is PCI slots, and I'll need either an AGP or PCIe card.

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The next-gen mod will not work.  It uses lots of next-gen animations that only work PC, PSP, and next-gen systems.  It also uses custom models, none of which work on the PS2.  (The Xbox can use non-animated models, the PC can use all of the models)

I mean this mod by Canino:

PS2 mod. Colossus, Moonknight and Next Gen Simulation Discs.

I had a problem on my first attempt at burning it...I think that is because I was running into an error whenever I tried to Open assetsfb.wad with WinRAR.  I kept getting an error saying an unexpected end or somesuch...I am trying to make a new MUA ISO using UltraISO now to see if I can get into that file without an error.

When I placed the burned disc in my PS2 it would read as okay via Swap Magic, but would then just hang up on a black screen and not go anywhere.

Back to the drawing board!

No iso created, still running into the same problem trying to open assetfb.wad.  8(

The first time you open assetsfb.wad you have to do it with ZipZag.  Once you've opened it, just add a blank .txt document to the wad.  It will save without all the extra junk and you'll be able to open and save it with WinRAR from then on.

Oh hell yeah.  Thanks a ton!

And I have now burned coaster number 2.

Not sure where I am going I'll list what I am doing, and maybe someone here can tell me where I am going wrong.

Using UltraISO, I make a copy of my MUA disc as a standard ISO.
I then extract assestfb.wad from the z folder in the ISO.
Using ZipZag I extract everything to it's own folder titled assestfb.
In the data folder I then overwrite the herostat.engb, items.engb, and simulator.engb with the files from the mod.
I create a blank .txt file in the assestfb folder(the one that has all the different folders, including the data folder)
Using ZipZag I then create a new zip file named assestfb.wal (I had to choose an extension and there was no way to choose .wad)
I then rename assestfb.wal to assestfb.wad
I put the new assestfb.wad in the ISO and delete the original.
I then save as a new ISO (MUAPS2-NG.iso)
I then burn to a new DVD-R using UltraISO

I'm thinking my problem is coming when I create the new assestfb file with ZipZag (Or WinRAR if I want to use that program)

I have some ideas on what I may be able to do.....but I'm curious to hear any suggestions on what I am doing wrong as well.

I'm trying again...I used ZipZag to open the file, then added directly to it the Readme file from the mod.  It did say something about an error at the end of the zip file

I then closed ZipZag and opened the file with WinRAR and overwrote the files and created a new ISO.  I am now burning that ISO to try in the morning.

And the third times is the charm.  It worked!

Cool beans man.  If you need help later on just holler.

I appreciate all the help.

I'm running into a new problem now though, the game freezes up at times.  Every time I try to go to the change team menu from a Shield access point in Stark Towers it has frozen.

I'm going to try going to the Omega Base and accessing the first Shield point I can from there.  I even burned the disc again at 1x to make sure it burned as throughly as possible. 

It could also be my PS2...which is ancient as it is still a launch day PS2. 

Personally I'd recommend going out and getting a network adapter and picking up a used hard drive out of a PC, then running the game off the HDD so you don't have to waste discs.  I'll tell ya from experience, it makes it so you don't burn through a ton of them.  And believe you me, you will.