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Started by klelement10, May 16, 2010, 06:37AM

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Quote from: Teancum on July 02, 2010, 02:42AM
Jean is another character I won't convert, but that's more for personal reasons.  5,000 different boosters of her here has sortof soured me to her.

I understand that one...Jean certainly has her fanboys...and sometimes they can get annoying.  Over at the Hero HQ boards the same feeling I get is for Emma and Kitty.  They were pushed so hard, that I don't ever care if they get made as a playable in a game ever.

I will say this though...I actually enjoy using Jean in MUA 2 on the 360.  She has my favorite alternate costume too in her First Class outfit.

I had fun with her in the game, so much so that I am not as ambivalent about the new X-Men RPG they are going to make as I normally would be.  I am really hoping they get the WHOLE first class in, and each of them gets that outfit as an alternate.

Unfortunately we can't use the 360 version which is the one you are talking about. Her Ps2/Wii version is the XMl2 Version but updated so she is much more powerful. SHe was in fact one of the most powerful characters in the game if not the most.

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Finally modded my PSP.  I've got MUA, MUA2 and XML2 dumped to my memory card and running off it.  First step: taking characters from other games and adding them to the herostat.  I want to see what the character limit is, and even though the characters won't use all their powers properly, they'll fill out the herostat and that's all I need.  Once the game locks up I know I've got one character too many.


Hmm, random... all of MUA1's sound files are still present in MUA2.  Guess they kept em since they could still fit the game on a UMD.

That is interesting.  I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Me too! I'm always interested in these stuff, even though I don't have a PSP. It's always cool, if someone makes something totally new

So MUA2 characters "work".  At least Gambit does anyway.  It's a start since I can't use XML1 or XML2 animations.  That makes new characters (Colossus, Moon Knight, and Gambit) without breaking the herostat.  I haven't been able to get the 360 DLC stage to load, so I may have to do "hidden" characters like I did on the Xbox.

As a side note, the framerate in MUA2 PSP is HORRIBLE!!! It looks prettier, but I'm pretty sure that's because Savage Entertainment didn't optimize it for the PSP like VV did with XML2 and MUA1.  It  looks like they just straight-ported the PS2 assets when you look at the visual quality.

I noticed that myself.

Which is why even though I bought MUA 2 last week, I have hardly played it....I'll eventually get around to it.  8)

HOW DO U MOD A PSP!!??!!??!!??
plzz help me

Google it or search YouTube.  You can talk about game mods here, but not modding of the console/handheld.

If were getting MUA2 characters for MUA, Can I get cyclops from the psp version  of MUA?

Я не пойму как всё это скачать и где? :dust:

Sorry, but if you don't post in english here, many people won't understand.