Sebastian Shaw mod v1 (9-4-08)

Started by ratmon, August 29, 2008, 09:57AM

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August 29, 2008, 09:57AM Last Edit: September 06, 2008, 07:42PM by ramen
Sebastian Shaw mod version1


Kinetic Surge -Release potentially stored energy in a series of powerful blows of focused power.
King's Guard -Summons Hellfire mercenaries onto the map to fight alongside the team
2-Ton Strike -A crystal-powered ground slam that sends out a radial blast of damage and absorbs enemy's health
King Me -Shaw slams his absorb body, flooding enemies with $DMG_ENERGY and stunning them
Gun Shots -Fires two guns in a spray of bullets causing $DMG_RADIATION. \n(~41Press And Hold~~)
Brutal Blitz -Spins around and hits surrounding enemies while absorbing enemys strength.
Crimson Rage -Multiple punch attack, building up $DMG with each hit

Unnecessary Insult -Taunts enemies into attacking Shaw in which increases his strength and lowers enemy's power.
Provocative Taunt -All party members gain an energy shield, reflecting some melee $DMG back at attackers All party members convert inflicted $RES_ENERGY and $RES_ELEMENTAL into $HP for Shaw. Other party members also recieve $DR and Strike bonus.

Hellfire Bombardment -Shaw's aerialists drop an airstrike onto all nearby enemies
Kinetic Metabolis -Makes Shaw temporarily invincible and doubles his damage dealt and makes shaw get bigger.

I copy right from the talent file

New team Bonus (Notes if you downloaded any other team bonus you may need to edit yourself)
Also On team bonus Selene_hero (hope thats what matt calls her) and storm.

Citizen V (icons) I added some
Midnight Curse (ideas)
Norrin Radd (help)


New Skins And for the others I need reference pictures the one midnight post I cant see. If anyone could help me with pictures.

He didn't put a space between the link and the "=", just delete that and you can see them.
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Quote from: ramen on August 29, 2008, 09:57AM
If anyone knows which skeleton would work better for him let me know, I was thinking juggernaut? Luke cage? bishop? .

how does juggernaut look? i would go with him since i dont think anyone has used him.
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O.k I will thax! Heres another skin I'm working on      Needs twinking but I think it will do.

August 29, 2008, 05:47PM #6 Last Edit: August 29, 2008, 10:42PM by ramen
I just tried making black king 2 skin and it looks horrible! So instead I will make a red, and gray suit for him. (I'm pretty sure I seen him wear does before) The only 1 would still try to make is his aoa skin.

I guess I'll cross-post my ideas from your general WIP thread.

Fed Up: Grab nearby enemy and slam him facefirst into the ground. (Norrin's Shard)

Unnecessary Insult: Taunts enemies into attacking Shaw in which increases his strength. (Needs an Aussie/English accent)

2-Ton Strike: An incredibly powerful two-hit blow, each one with the force of a ton.

Kinetic Surge: Release potentially stored energy in a series of powerful blows.

Gunfire: Pulls out a pair of pistols and shoots a few rapid rounds each. (Bishop)

Energy Drain: Saps energy off enemies, nullifying their abilities and using the stolen energy to restore himself and allies if there are any extra leftover. (Rogue)

Unrelenting Blitz: Punches rapidly at enemies, growing with speed and power with each strike, until key is released. (Like Moon Knight's Nunchucks, but with Wolverine's animations minus the claws. But I'm not sure if he will run out of energy )

King's Guard: Summons Hellfire mercenaries onto the map to fight alongside the team. (Multiple Man?)

Provocative Taunt: Genuinely disturbs all onscreen enemies with his witty comments, angering them and causing them to attack Shaw, whilst lowering their attack capabilities. (First one only energises him. This one is just a diversion to give team a time to recover their health)

Inner Circle: Summons his closest advisors to aid him in battle. (might be a bit overpowering)

Hellfire Bombardment: Shaw's aerialists drop an airstrike onto all nearby enemies. (1st Xtreme: Beast?)

Kinetic Metabolism: Makes Shaw temporarily invincible and doubles his damage dealt. (Colossus or Rogue)

The one ingame at NYC could be used as Modern.

= AoA costume

= Shinobi Shaw, his son (could be an alternate costume)

= Perhaps this could be used for an Original

two more

I think that's enough skins for now.

Does anyone have a good aoa picture of him?

Oh well....... Maybe I can find the mag on the internet