dumb things you done while modding

Started by ratmon, September 07, 2008, 05:34PM

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September 07, 2008, 05:34PM Last Edit: September 07, 2008, 05:46PM by ramen
Has anyone (besides me) done something while modding that you spend hours trying to figure out whats wrong. I was trying to get omega's xtreme to work and I spend hours trying to find out what was wrong. I notice his power where come out on the character menu but not doing game play so I though there has to be something wrong in the powerstyle. Long story short all along in the talent file I missplace power name with type name. Lol.

With Surge I had an entity named ThunderBall which conflicted with the boss called Thunder Ball in such a way that if I used the power when Thunder Ball was on the map, he'd come firing out and start attacking.

With Hellion I couldn't get his powers to work so I spent ages trying to figure it out. Turns out I had made a typo in the packages.
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Mine is losing track of which file I put where, even though for years I've had a very organized system for backups, WiP versions, etc.  It never fails that I upload something only to realize I uploaded the wrong version or forgot a file.

while working on Multiple Man, i accidently set it up so that when a duplicate is made, it automatically makes another duplicate.  so one after the other, they automatically made a dupe. so in less then 30 seconds I had over 20 dupes running around attacking one guy.
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