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Started by shafcrawler, September 12, 2008, 02:06AM

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Sage Mod

Preview Video:


Baton Strike - Strikes the opponent multiple times with her baton.

Stun Shot - Pulls out pistol and shoots a rubber bullet that stuns the enemy.

Heavy Machine - Pulls out machine gun and shoots at enemies as long as button is held.

Shattering Kicks - Executes Multiple kicks that cause knockback.

Psionic Lash - A radial blast of mental energy that confuses enemies

CRIMSON DOWNPOUR - uses Sagenet to call down a laser shower upon enemies.

Boosts and Passives:

Devolution Field - Tampers with nearby enemies' genes, resulting in their disability to use powers for a time

Touch of the Sage - Sage enhances the entire party's mutated genes, increasing the level of all assigned skills temporarily

Catalyst - All allies turn 30% of damage inflicted into EP.

UNCANNY TACTICS - Sage directs the entire party's actions in field for a time, increasing their Attack Rating, Maximum EP as well as experience points earned.

Indomitable Will - Increases all resistances

Reveal - Sage uses her mutant power to pinpoint enemies, allowing a natural increase in Attack Rating and Defense Rating

Psychic Lock - Sage channels all her telepathic powers into shielding her mind, creating a permanent Psychic shield (reduces damage dealt by telepathic moves)


-2 more skins are being worked on

Just thought i'd start the topic since I finished the loadscreen. Progress on Mods has been slow since I'm doing a play, participating in a debate workshop, going to school AND fasting all at the same time. Since StacyX will require time and much more effort, i've decided to focus on Sage for now. So far, I've come up with 2 more skins (aside from the purple one I made ages ago):

And as for powers, I'm going to go for a mix between gun moves (both light and heavy), a few gene tampering ones (like de-evolving opponents, increasing skill points of allies, etc.) and for the Xtreme, I'm going with an orbital move akin to Beast's because his panel looks a lot like Sagenet's screen. I am personally loving the little progress I've made with the MOD so far and am hoping you guys will, too. Oh, and in the meantime, suggestions are welcome

The loadscreen is amazing. What have you used as a base for the skins?
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Thanks! The hellfire skin (the one on the left) uses Psylocke's XML1 skin as a base while the new x-men one (right) uses Lab Technicial Female(10202) as a base. Both have their ponytails removed through hex editing. 

I think I can look past the ponytails on this occasion, Sage is cool so I wouldn't mind converting her eventually.
Please do not contact me for any help in modding-related matters.
It is likely that you'll find what you need by searching the forum.

awsome loadscreen!
really really good!

I'll help you with my ideas for a powerset tomorrow, because I can barely keep my eyes open.

Dig the loadscreen totally, man! :thumbsup2:

Man, who the heck are all these new characters? :P  Guess I don't read up enough.

Sage has Cyberpathy, she has a Kinetic Brain that has unlimited storage for information and she can analyse things in a split second (much like a computer) so she can work out probabilities, she is a really good multi-tasker to such an extent that she can replay a movie in her mind and focus on an opponent without any distractions, she can see people's genetic codes and thereby sense mutants (latent or manifested), she can also jump-start any latent mutants, however this has unpredictable side-effects. She also had telepathy but she shut her telepathic powers down to protect herself from a mind-controlling mutant, this is, in effect, a firewall.

She also has a pressure point on her body that will reboot her mind, much like a computer.

Sage also has cybernetic sunglasses that act as a wireless broadband computer network, knives, and two handguns.

In all, she's quite cool.
Please do not contact me for any help in modding-related matters.
It is likely that you'll find what you need by searching the forum.

amazing loadscreen (i love that it has her keeping an eye on Shaw), its totally Sage.  Sage is one of my favorite characters, so im really looking forward to this mod.

@Teancum - Sage, use to go by the name Tessa in old X-Men issues, and she was Sebastian Shaw's assistant. She's also responsible for Beast's current feline look.
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Great loadscreen. It fits her perfectly. I'd like to make some suggestions just for fun. Besides the gun moves, I have some ideas for Tessa. Mostly buffs/debuffs.

Pinpoint: Sage focuses on the mutant auras of her foes and prepares herself for their powers. They appear on the mini-map and her defense is raised.

Jumpstart: Sage uses her genetic manipulation powers to maker her teammates more efficient. Each member temporarily gains a skill point.

Downgrade: Sage uses her powers to put a temporary block on her enemies' attacks.

Stunning Strike: Sage uses her combat skills to strike an enemy's pressure point and stun them in the process.

Love your ideas, Shadowbox. I'll fill in a few blanks for the offensive powers:

Knife Strike: (A version of the nerve attack Shadowbox suggested, but using a knife bolton)

Crossfire: Draws both handguns and fires, hitting enemies in front of her and having a chance to stun them.

Telepathic Stress: Uses her basic knowledge in telepathy to store vast amounts of information cross-transferred from her info-net.

Cybernetic Hack: Causes all nearby technical items to explode, taking enemies by surprise and temporarily stunning them.

Devolution: Nullifies all enemies' powers, leaving them to use only basic melee combat moves that deal much less damage than normal.

Photographic Fighting: Uses her skills from watching Wolverine fight, she is able to duplicate those moves exactly.l (Somehow copying Wolverine's fightsyle?)

Hypercognitive Offensive: Using her memory storage from those same combat videos, she is able to apply these attacks into her fighting sequence, making her a much more effective fighter.

Thanks for the suggestions. I already made the devolving move and the jumpstarting move long before I started the thread. I think I'll go with some of the stuff suggested by you both shadowbox and Midnight Curse, though I am leaving out others. Also, I just finished another skin

I hate it, and I hate the costume as a whole (hello Abu, Aladdin's chimp companion!) but I figured people who download the Mod might be interested to see it. Other skins I have planned are:

Though I'm unsure how far I can go with them, as Sage always seems to sport complicated hairstyles or styles in general. let's see.

Cybernetic Kick: A strong double-hit kick that knocks enemies back.