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Started by shafcrawler, September 12, 2008, 02:06AM

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Mod Released! Enjoy and please leave feedback!

-Preview video is being worked on
-Does not have a voice yet

September 25, 2008, 05:54AM #31 Last Edit: September 25, 2008, 10:30AM by marvel watcher
She is perfect, great job shafcrawler! :)

EDIT: the icons are not appearing ,are squares in this place, just to know. :)

just tried her out, great work, awesome effects as always.  Like marvel watcher said the icons dont show (they should be named sage_icons1.igb, but the ones in the mod appear to be deadpools).
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oops! Sorry about the icons. Fixed and re-uploaded. The icons should appear now (hopefully).
I've also uploaded the preview video for the mod so if anyone has second thoughts about using the mod, I'd recommend checking it out first.

Thanks for the nice comments, btw, nodoubt_jr and marvel watcher. Always appreciate them! :)

She looks really cool. I'll convert this as best I can in a few weeks time.
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Your videomaking skills are getting better and better by the mod. Now can you tell my YouTube username? ;)

Your mods are so good.
Theyre like crack.

September 26, 2008, 10:20AM #37 Last Edit: September 26, 2008, 11:07AM by shafcrawler
Okay, so they pulled my video off of Youtube due to audio disputes, so I'll have to change the audio in the video (I loved it sooo much!!!!). I actually have two options: Using Strata's Never There

or  Using Submersed's Complicated

Which one do you guys prefer? I'll take a few votes before I settle on one of them.

Never mind. I chose to go with Evanescence's Going Under, as I felt it worked with the video as well, if not as good as the original song. I'm still keeping the original saved in my PC.

Yes I loved the original too. Is a shame that you can't put this on the video :(

Just Wondering, Does Sage Have Any Powers?
Give your life meaning when you come to Xaviers Institute.  Join us so that we can develop your mind as well as those devious powers that you may have ::wink::

Sage's mutant ability is to detect mutants around her and jumpstart/ tamper with their mutations.

Marvel Database will tell you all you need.

Just wanted to say that I am a huge Sage fan and that seeing the video to this mod has made me want to get a modded version of the game badly so I can try this out.  I am super excited!

From the looks of the video, you have done an amazing job shafcrawler! 

I wish she had her x-treme costume since that is my absolute favourite look for her - but it would probably be too dark wouldn't it?

Anyway thanks again - completely awsome!

Thanks John. I wanted to do the Xtreme skin, but there are limisted skins that have non-symmetrical torso sections and none of them were fit for me to make that skin, so I left it out. Hopefully, you'll like the mod just the same without the skin.

I can guarantee that not having the x-treme costume will not impact my enjoyment of Sage in this game one bit! 

I'm just worried about trying to add a character for the first time since all the threads with newbies asking questions doesn't leave me with much faith!

Also I am going to try this on my mac using bootcamp to launch windows so the odds are very much against me here! 

But such is the awsomeness of your Sage mod that I am determined to overcome all these obstacles!