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Started by BLaw, October 08, 2008, 04:48AM

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Hey guys!  Quick question-is there an xml2 version of Firestar and if not are any of her files  usable with XML2 (permission pending of course).  Thanks!

I made a Ps2 skin pack for her. In my opinion they look better than her MUA versions. Those are XML2 compatible.

I'm going to update her powers in the near future, making her less Torchy.

Oh and sorry, I forgot to upload Forge's files yesterday. Will do so after I get home.

The file to Forge is *.exe?!
Sounds like a virus.
Can I trust? Or maybe somebody changed the file without autorization of the marvelmods?!

It's safe. BLaw likes to make his mods into .exe installers that put everything where it's supposed to go.
Please do not contact me for any help in modding-related matters.
It is likely that you'll find what you need by searching the forum.

Well, like is a big word. I do it mainly for people who do not know how to install a mod. Gives the comfort of using just a few mouse clicks ^^

It's safe. If there's a virus in it, I have it aswell. And I hate virusses.

So nice!!!! Everything auto...!!!!

Quote from: Bizarro on November 05, 2009, 03:31PM
So nice!!!! Everything auto...!!!!

Nah I dun think all of it is automatic lolz because if you wanna install a new character, you still need to add his/her herostat's entry :D

EDIT : By using Xmlbcui or whatever you use :P

Or download the heroselect files somewhere in the release section. Those contain my mods herostat entries ^^

Hey Law, ive re-installed MUA, i went to install your Forge mod and it doesnt work, i dont know what the problem is. I ran the .exe, copied his herostat entry from the premade one we did, which worked fine when i first made it. For some reason he has no manny and my game crashes when i go to pick him. Im guessing its files, any idea which ones so i can fix them?

Depends if you have partitions or not, all works fine here when I had to reinstall MUA lol.

Did you adjust the installation dir in the setup?

Quote from: Mr. Law^^ on November 13, 2009, 06:57AM
Depends if you have partitions or not, all works fine here when I had to reinstall MUA lol.

Did you adjust the installation dir in the setup?

No, didnt mess around with any of the install settings.

Did it work?

if all goes well, firestar will get a small update today. Her powerset will get an update later, because she feels too torchy.

I am going to update scarlet spider aswell, trying to make him a bit more unique. Ofcourse, he will also be able to transform, and he will have killer powers.

forge will get a small update containing 2 meshes, change in herostat code. Version 2 will be ready next year.

no, still not working, ill wait for the updated version, maybe ill have better luck

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:phoenix: Classic
:phoenix: Original
:phoenix: Modern
:phoenix: Ultimate

This mod features:
- 5 attack powers, 2 boosts, 1 X-treme
- 2 skins
- 2 custom models
- Each skin comes with their own hud.
- Own mannequin.

Instructions should be clear enough. Just place everything in the main folder of your game. Open up the text file in the rar for the Herostat entry and give it a menu location and you're done.

NEW: A new mannequin. Make sure you download the mannequin patch! Install it in the ui/models/mannequin folder.

If you want to enjoy better looking models of the Classic and Original skins, download the patch located below the mod link. It only contains model files which belong in the Actors folder. They will, when you choose to overwrite, replace the 22401 and 22402 skins of the mod. EDIT: Added the other 2 HQ models too. Your choice.

FIRESTAR HQ MODEL PATCH Note: Contains the classic Firestar model with realistic Firestar mask.

For the PS2 versions of the skins, visit this page: or click here for a direct download.

Known Bugs:
- Effectcolor of Stunwave needs to be fiery
- Possibly no sounds, the mod doesn't have it's own sounds yet.

Drop it either:
- In my workbench topic: ;
- In my release thread: .

Future updates:
Certified: Loading screen by Shafcrawler
Certified: Unique soundset

I moved her entry to this post to save up some space in the first post.