Official Characters -- Beta v4 RELEASED (Oct 26, 2008)

Started by BliZZ, October 26, 2008, 04:45PM

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Quote from: BliZZ on October 28, 2008, 10:17AM
I haven't made the links yet, I'm asking whether making mirrors at those sites would be helpful to you.

Well, I'm Ok with that as  long as I can resume downloads....
CosmoChakra's mods !

Skins of HULK,PUNISHER,LUKE CAGE so far!!!

I have Dr. Doom & PSP Char's full sounds(except Ronin, still need updates Echo Effect's sound:

I'll upload it on the other place not in a car.

Wow ,  great work on beta v4 :D
Pc crashed a few weeks ago so im a bit late on this but cant wait for the next release.

Does anyone know if this package has got a rapidshare link or megaupload link? I'm in China and this goddamn MAOland just firewalls mediafire and I can't access it!

What Would You Do... If You Only Had... One More Day?

Seems I ran into a bug. I'm at the mission were you confront "brain washed" Jean Grey the second time. She is standing by the arcade machine and I am given no option to talk to her, the scene just freezes there. I restarted from a previous save but when I get to this part it does the same. I also notice when I tried to talk to Senator Kelly it does the same thing. Any way around this?

Captmorgan7 you must be talking about Murderworld 2. As it's said in the thread below, i think it's caused by cyclops and magneto's personalized conversations and dialogs. check out this:
What Would You Do... If You Only Had... One More Day?

Yes, that's exactly what I am talking about. However, I did not back up my files when I installed the mod. Guess that means a uninstall/reinstall huh?

There really is another way, other than reinstalling the game, but I can't remember exactly how! I erased the conversation and dialog files added from the official pack and it did work! The problem is I don't remember which are those! My advise is if you're gonna reinstall everything, before adding a mod of any kind, even just a new skin, BACKUP! Sorry can't help more than this!
What Would You Do... If You Only Had... One More Day?

Awesome it worked great! I uninstalled minus the saved game and reinstalled. I then extracted the Betav4 mod into a empty folder and removed those files and then copied/paste into the MUA directory.

hi!!!I thought to add the Ronin mod for MUA but I don't know how is he!!
So, can anybody, please, show me some pictures about this avenger in the game in action??
PD:sorry for my english!!jeje.I try to do the best what I can!!

Ronin is a secret identity.  Originally Maya Lopez (also known as Echo) took the identity, but now Clint Barton (Hawkeye) has taken the Ronin identity.

Oh yeah, i read the New Avangers. Ok, so Ronin is everything

BTW, if I install the Official Characters v4 on my MUA and currently I have v3, than I have to restart the game or not? (Sorry for the bad english mate)

So do you want to know who the 2nd Ronin is. The one who became Hawkeye.